Background of R&M

Hello there. If you have found my blog and haven’t run away in fear of the name, then welcome! If you did, the rumors are TRUE! I DO bite!! But no worries, I am free of any lycanthrope strains to infect you with.

So, the name, you ask? Rebel? I like to do things different. I don’t like to be told what to do. I will always try to prove you wrong. Don’t tell me “I can’t” I will! Malice?
Well, my Dad thought it was funny to call me Malicious instead of Melissa. It stuck, and as it turns out, I have quite a temper so it was kind of fitting. Oops, Dad. Also, I lost my Dad last November so why not pay a bit of homage to how I remember things with him growing up.

Onward and upward, then. I am Melissa, a mother of 5 wacky, smart and very unique children aka some more temperamental or emotional then others. 2 boys ages 11 and 9, who are completely boy. Boy 1 is a type A personality who loves sports, reading, science and video games. He also is still on a long journey to find his voice and tries to please all around him. He is also a very feisty and emotional ginger, also know as my Ginger-snap.

The 11 yr old, Ginger-Snap
My 9 yr old is the sweet, artistic, soft spoken one. But don’t be fooled. With his siblings, he will lose his head. He is an incredible artist, which we are hoping he pursues. He already talks about tattoo artistry as an occupation. He loves the extreme sports and is especially enthusiastic about anything skateboarding. And he is pretty good on one. He is smart, but oh so lazy! That kid is going to try to skim by all through high school at this rate. He is our little surfer boy, even though we are 2 hours from the beach. You will understand when you scroll to his picture. 
Ri the guy, our little surfer artist 
the clown he drew for demented Daddy
Then the girls begin… in case you didn’t do the math, 2 boys, 3 girls. FINAL SCORE!!!
My first daughter is 7, and the princess. Smart, girly, wicked temper. Ok, so she is a diva. She loves to act like a lady and wear girly things. BUT she will throw one hell of a punch. Having big brothers makes that happen. She is my mini me and Daddy’s little girl growing way too beautiful and fast for his liking, but I believe we get to be biased in the beauty of our children.
7 yrs old, going on 29… I swear. Do little girls even stay little anymore? 
Her interests remain, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez, Hello Kitty and Barbie and anything pink, red or purple. She loves animals and wants to be a vet or deliver babies. 
Our sweet angel is 3, and is the rainbow baby of the bunch. Those who have experienced loss and then the miracle of life, understand the term. She is my Goldielocks and lights up every room she walks into. With that being said, she has also become accustomed to getting her way. Mama don’t have time for that! She is sassy, and born just one week after my birthday. Things will be very interesting in 10 yrs. Very! She has had health problems from the beginning. Failure to thrive. Asthma. Pneumonia. RSV. I just want to keep her in a bubble in my pocket. Weird? I think not!
She likes, uhm, Rapunzel, hello! Princesses, tv, fairies, pink and purple and THAT’s IT! 
Her words, not mine!
She had daddy wrapped like a present and it’s pathetic LOL
The grand finale, is our soon to be 2 year old. She is spunky, full of major piss and vinegar, and she is going to scare the crap out of me when she gets older. She has learned to keep up FAST! Like, scary fast! She already asks to play dress up, wear makeup, get her hair done, go shopping. Oh yeah, she already has an opinion about clothes. Help me! She is also super best friends with Goldie above. 
They are going to raise HELL together.
The wee ones.
Aww, so innocent in this look
So my brood, heathens, clan, basketball team… they are all unique and different.
They keep me busy, but I am obviously a glutton for punishment because I want to homeschool my oldest, teach my younger two and try to run a business from home while Daddy works long hours. I lost my marbles a long time ago. It’s completely ok. 
The deceptively innocent looking children also known 
as my ferocious 5

A hilltop in our desert community. 
If you have ever traveled to Vegas from Southern California, you have passed us. 
Now that you met the brood and got a feel for my environment, here is the partner who keeps me going everyday. Who pushes me to pursue my dreams. Who encourages me when I want to go back to “just being mommy.” He reminds me not to give up on a dream I have had since I was 6, which is designing my own clothing line. Now to get back to a school age so I can balance art school like I want. 
We met 13 years ago (lucky 13) when I was an 18 yr old mess.
Poor guy got more baggage then he deserved, but here we are happy and still making it work. 
This is from our 8th wedding anniversary in December.
He is my best friend and my right hand. 
Without him, I’d be on a completely different path today.
Now the reason for the blog is because I love to talk… a LOT. 
I also love to create things, but have a bit off ADD when it comes to projects. I get way too ambitious and am working on that. So I plan on exploring my creative side, along with sharing antidotes about my family, marriage, breastfeeding a toddler and healthy cooking. Oh yeah, we are currently going into our second month of Paleo/Primal eating. It was because my husband is diabetic and had a scary hospital visit this year. We all feel better, stronger, and more energetic. I had to cut a ton of food because of my gut problems and thyroid issues. But as a women who is part hispanic and married an Irish man, food is a pretty integral part of family life.
If I have managed to captivate your interest this far, then look forward to some randoms. Peeks at my creations. Cursing at my flops. Food. Drinks. Fitness. Hectic family life and lack of social life. And TUTORIALS! Because who doesn’t love to share the wealth.
You can also get a glimpse at my creations on mmy Facebook page 
Or follow me on Instagram @rebelandmalice
and truly see my ADD in action in Pinterest
Goodbye for now… and stay tuned for more. 
I’m looking forward to entertaining you more then scaring you. 
Stay Rebellious
Melissa of Rebel & Malice


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