Summer of Sunsuits

Now that it is warming up, I have become almost obsessed with the vintage sunsuits of the 40’s and 50s. I even have a couple I thrifted for my youngest daughter. I’ve started seeing them popping up in fashion again and I am ABSOLUTELY smitten!

This one from Dagmar Daley has so many,
 it makes you want to sell your kidney so you can own each one!
Then this one from Peepznpretzels on etsy. OMG!!
There are so many more, but I could be here all day. 
So of course, the searching began for tutorials, inspiration, ways I would design mine. 
Little Lizard King has a great sunsuit pattern that is absolutely ridiculous. I would put baby girl in them all summer long.
Little Betty Sews has an awesome Ruffled Sunsuit Tutorial
If, I have inspired you, check out one of those sites.
Now that I am inspired, I am working on a design that is more bloomer like and skirted, squee! 
It cannot get any better then that, can it?
And here is the most delicious sunsuit ever on the cutest model I own
Let’s hope we have something to show you all soon. With her 2nd birthday coming in a few weeks and the man’s new overnight schedule, I should be able to fit something in. I hope.
Stay Malicious, Rebels 🙂


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