Getting All Instagrammy in my Space

I am a bit obsessed with instagram. I love the vintage look of things, and well, I am super visual so I love taking pictures. The fact that I can express myself through photos makes it that much better. Once facebook became more of a thorn then a rose, I went full force into IG.

All those photos I am taking, and not being displayed in my home, well that became a problem. I started losing sleep at night wondering if my precious memories were going to be treasured forever. Then this happened.

Amazing, right? If you have never checked out this blog, you should.
Elsie and Emma are so inspirational, and it is definitely one of my MUST check daily blogs
So after perusing my IG account, I printed up my max of 100 at Walgreens. 
Then debating on the right location was fun. Living room wall by door? Long side living room wall? Hallway? or Dining room wall?
The dining room won as you look right into it when you walk in.Plus, the 9×10 (90) photos that I put up proved to be a pretty decent size. 
So while cooking dinner, and letting the heathens watch tv, then another hour, it was complete.
Only about 2 hours to do and fairly easy to level.
The final product wasn’t too shabby.
Now I can stare at my photographic “art” all day long as this will be the spot for my crafting area soon. 
What has instagram inspired you to do?
Stay Malicious, Rebels 😉


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