Sunny Days in a Sunsuit

Remember the sunsuits I posted here earlier this week? Well, I drafted my pattern within 15 minutes and was smitten with the design. That is a rarity in my world. I am so indecisive and critical of my work. But I was happy and drafted the pattern right away.
This was made to be put in my summer line of Rekindled Vintage Boutique which I like to keep everything one of a kind. That isn’t always very lucrative, but isn’t life more fun without carbon copies of everything.

This was because my model was uncooperative last night
Isn’t it adorable? I love the vintage sunsuits!
So today my little model tried it on and it was perfect! It looked small at first glance, but the sizing was just right. 
Why was my child refusing to stand up?
Right, because she is mine!
Ok, now we are getting somewhere.
She still is being a difficult little turd.
This one is just for fun because it is precious ❤

I really loved how it came out. I don’t know how well it will hold up because this is some horrible cheap mystery blend fabric, but I couldn’t pass up that print and it was 75 cents at a yard sale.

I am thinking I should do a tutorial off this design for a blouse. What are your thoughts?

Enjoy your lovely Saturday, and Mother’s Day. I am sure I will have picture overload on Monday!

Stay Malicious, Rebels 😉


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