Every Little Bit Counts: How Can You Help OK?

I think all of us felt our heart drop after seeing the aftermath of the tornado that destroyed Moore, OK as well as devastate the state. I was especially affected seeing parents not be able to find their children. As a mother, it just killed me to think how helpless the parents and families must have felt. While I have no income to spare at the moment with my husband being on unemployment, I was so happy when I found out about Sewing to Rebuild from Pattern Revolution & Green Style Creations.
I knew that I had something to offer even though I’m here in California, and that was my sewing skills. They are trying to reach a goal of at least 100 garments in various sizes, as well as extending it to bags and dolls/plushies to give those children something special to love on.

I’m trying to finish up the last minute details for my daughter’s 2nd birthday and party (which you will hear all about) but then I plan on making some dolls because kids light up when they see them and some clothing since I have an absurd amount of fabric to use. I am so excited to be a part of this and ecstatic that the crafting community can come together like this. It proves that the power of numbers can change the world. We just have to be willing to step forward. One person. All it takes to create a movement. 
You can check the blog and find out how you can get involved with this great project. They are collecting until June 21 which gives plenty of time to donate one small item. If we all donate one thing, wow, think of the impact it will make on this community. 
Green Style Creations
CO: Sewing to Rebuild
508 Conquistador Ct 
Edmond OK 73025
And don’t forget, if you cannot craft, there are so many ways you can get involved. Donate to the Red Cross, Salvation Army, help with the misplaced animals, a food drive. There is so much our nation can do to show Oklahoma that we do care. I think we all saw the damage that happened in Katrina and we have learned from that that fast action is what makes a difference. So be inspired! Get involved and change a live. 
Stay Malicious, Rebels


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