Twinkle Little Star 2nd Birthday

Our baby girl, also known as “Star” turned 2 on May 25th and we had her Twinkle Twinkle Little Star themed party. Background: I wanted her middle name to be Starling but Daddy let big sister pick and it ended up being Isla. Fast forward to her noticing things, and she has been obsessed with the moon and stars since we can remember.
She has a thing with Daddy where they look at the stars every night and she reaches for them. It is a beautiful thing I hope she never grows out of.

Planning for this wasn’t too chaotic, but I’m pretty spazztastic with choices in things and can get a bit all over the place when trying to narrow down ideas. I knew it had to be star themed, but which star? Starry Night? No, too hard to narrow down for a 2 year old. Wish upon a Star? No, too princessy. Reach for the Stars? Uhmmm, maybe. Then we finally decided on Twinkle Little Star and it was pretty cute.

I got to work on a star printed dress for her using yellow cotton as the base fabric with silver glitter stars stamped on. Then I covered it with tulle and put a star cutout in the back. I was pretty smitten with the finished product. However, I don’t think it will hold up since I couldn’t find the right glitter on my short time to create it.

The glittery stars I stamped on.

Helping mama sew

Tiny stars with a star cutout for the bodice
and big stars for the skirt

The back was a bit tricky, but didn’t lose the effect I was going for

We were trying to keep the party as paleo as possible so the menu consisted of nuts, watermelon, grapes, chocolate covered raisins and blueberries, veggie tray and seafood platter, grilled chicken, pork and nitrate free beef hot dogs. I made freckled lemonade with agave nectar and passionfruit tea unsweetened for drinks. Then we had water and of course beer. Soda was snuck in the house via Grandpa but the kids were good. The the gran finale was strawberry almond cupcakes via this recipe. They were delicious and just what the doctor ordered. I love that we can have paleo friendly treats now.

The mostly paleo spread
(daddy had to get tortillas and buns for the guests. Whatevs)

 Our little Star had a great time, and looked like a shooting star. We wore yellow as a family for the most party and it was a nice modest party since it was a holiday weekend and some people are too busy partying it up out of town.

Doesn’t she look stunning, if I do say so myself

Proud mama with her littlest baby

Daddy’s little star making her birthday wish ❤

She was partying the night away and completely crashed about 7, of course, that was after mama had to give up the boob. She was as happy as could be and we enjoyed the moment with our family and friends

Little Boo all tuckered out

Thanks for “being a part” of the party and hope it helps you with any ideas you may have for future party planning.

Stay Malicious, Rebels 🙂


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