Sewing Along to a Sew Along

I participated in my first sew along, which was brave of me as I was in the final week before a craft fair.

This sew along was with Pattern Revolution for the Little Lizard King Fairy Flutter Dress
Have you ever participated in a sew along?
It was a lot of fun, but the rebel in me always intervenes. I have a hard time doing instructions in order or not skipping them all together. 
This was my first pattern purchased from Little Lizard King and I loved it! It fit perfect! It was very easy for me so it would be great for a beginner. My daughter was in love with the end result. 
Here are a few things. No matter how rebellious you are, READ the pattern first. I missed an important step in PDF land that meant I didn’t tape a piece together. I ended up sewing those pieces to the bodice and it didn’t look so bad. However, that didn’t take away my dismay at being to eager and making a mistake.
I cinched the bodice, I added a waistband instead of a sash and I did a solid for the inside of the flutter sleeve slightly bigger to give it that piped look. I also added a ruffle. See what being rebellious gets you? I loved the end result though and am in love with the pattern.

You should definitely try this pattern out. Try a sew along as well. It’s a great way to get new ideas and see the patterns refreshed.
Stay Malicious, Rebels 😉

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