One Shoulder Tie Top Tutorial

Oh my, I have done some major slacking in blog land. Summer has literally been kicking my butt. This last week we hit the 110s and I was sure I was going to turn into Oscar the Grouch. A horrible toothache and lockjaw occurred prior to the heat wave, and I was scrambling to get ready for a craft fair.

Did I forget to mention it’s summer break with 5 kids? Yeah, I’m not cut out for summer!

So on to the promised tutorial. I finally made a shirt tutorial for the dress I made in the Inspired by Chevrons series. Did you follow it? There were some incredible pieces. 
I made a pattern you can use for size 5-6. My daughter is 7 but she is a skinny little thing. I will post the pictures to see if that works as a pattern, or you can email me at for the PDF until I get it loaded to a link.
Get your pieces printed and cut out. Then you will need to tape A & B together. Then tape that piece to C.

You can use 2 different fabrics or keep it seamless as this can be fully reverse able.
The bodice piece will need 4 pieces, you will need 2 each of the side bodice pieces ON THE FOLD and then a waistband piece 25 inches by 5 inches. 
I used about 3/4 yard for this project. 
Step 1. Pin one bodice piece to right side bodice piece right sides together. Stitch together. 
Step 2: Pin other side of the side bodice to bodice piece. Seam together. 
Your bodices should be pieced together like this with the side bodice piece in between.

Step 3: Pin the left side bodice piece to the left side of the bodice piece. Sew together. 
Step 4: Pin the side bodice piece to main bodice piece to form a tube. Seam together. 
Step 5: repeat steps 1-4 with the other bodice pieces. Once that bodice is formed, put one piece right side out inside the tube wrong side out. You should have the right sides facing each other and the wrong sides on the outside. 
Step 6: Pin the bodice pieces together and seam all the way across top of bodice and ties. 
Make sure to clip around the curves. 

Step 7: Flip inside out so that you have the right sides out. 
Step 8: Seam all around the top of bodice.
Step 9: Sew the waistband together to form a tube.
Step 10: Fold waistband in half and iron 1/2 inch inside the band like a wide bias tape. 
Step 11: Pin the band to the bodice with one side on one side of the bodice and the opposite side on the other side of bodice. Sorry if this is confusing. Pin the band around bodice like you would pin bias tape.
Step 12: Sew the band around the bodice. Once the band is attached, sit back and admire your work. You are done! 
I hope you enjoyed the tutorial, and if you have any questions please comment or email me. 
Enjoy your Independence Day!
Stay Malicious, Rebels


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