4 year old birthday Great Gatsby style

My precious Goldilocks turned 4 a week ago on October 3rd. She has been one of the biggest blessings of my life. A rainbow baby. My little bubble baby who is always sick or hurt. And the most magnetic little girl I have ever met. She acts with her heart and wants everyone happy,

and to love her (She is a Libra, after all.) I never knew what it was like to meet someone the day they were born and just KNOW they were meant for amazing things and anyone who crosses their path will never forget them! I love my other children just the same, but there is this light and sparkle about her that tells me she will be the one keeping the family together in those hard times we all have to endure.

So now you know how absolutely smitten I have been with her for 4 years. A few details about this year: 
       She loves Taylor Swift, so much so that she says her name is Waverly Taylor Swift.
      She is still very much into Rapunzel.
      She is girly in every sense. 
      She is a romantic. 
      She loves performing: singing, dancing & acting. Yeah, one of those girls. 
      She is “everyone’s” girl. She just can’t be daddy’s, mommy’s or papa’s girl. She has to please all of us. 
      She really wants everyone to like her and be her friend, and I’m scared of the heartache she will have the first time someone says they don’t like her.
      She is Daddy’s angel and Mommy’s Goldilocks. 
      She was my late, but exactly on time (due date), birthday present.
      She has big things ahead for her that none of us can truly understand yet. 
      With a heart that big, I’m prepared for violence if anyone ever shatters her light. Mama bear moment.
Since I knew how much she was special, girly and exuberant, I had to make her birthday dress memorable. 
She wanted Rapunzel again but I wanted to save that for Christmas, so I went with the 1920s theme of a drop waist dress in purple and ivory, with hints of silver. I’m ecstatic with the results. What I had in mind and what the finished product became, was just perfect. I, of course, had to make a perfect feathered headband to go with it. Her look was perfection in my eyes. And her sparkly purple shoes were just amazing with it. 
Photos capture her personality as best they can, but still nothing like the little person we have created in real life. 
Happy Birthday Goldi!!! You have no idea what an impact your 4 years of life have left on me so far! 

Today is your day.

You’re off to Great Places!
You’re off and away!” 


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