Spring Ties: Love me Knot Shorts Review

I was really lucky and had some awesome testing opportunities this past week. One of my favorites was the Love Me Knot Shorts PDF pattern from Get Your Crap Together (GYCT) This design is so fun for those girls who want something just a bit extra. The fit was perfect, as Chelsea, the designer, worked her tale off to perfect it with the testing group.
The pattern goes all the way from sizes 6 months to 12. You know how much use you can get out of that? That is reason enough for me, since I love having patterns that grow with my kids. She makes this pattern very beginner friendly and even shows you how to make your own bias tape if you want to try making the fun printed kinds so many use now. 
You can buy them today and she has a code in her etsy shop for 30 % off the Love me Knot Shorts. Just use the code “LOVEME”
There is a really cute pocket that you can place anywhere. The first pair we made, we put them in front. I saw pictures with just one, on the back, no pockets. I decided to toy with the side placement for a cargo style and I LOVE IT!
I paired the shorts with one of my favorite shirts I made for my daughter TWO years ago! YES! It still fits since I made it pretty long. I think the side ties and the Tie top short make such a cute and classic combo.
This, being my first posting in honor of Kid’s Clothing Week, is a hint of what will come later since the theme is mini me so i am taking that as a challenge to make myself a few things as well. 
She was so excited for today’s post because she loves these shorts

These are perfect timing since we are warming up quickly here in the desert

Last one just for fun because she was looking at the blooms on the trees and I just love it

So how are you getting ready for Spring? What are your favorite items for warmer weather? I have a daughter who is all into monkey bars now so the shorts are great for looking girly without flashing the “chonies”. Sorry, it is the only word I use growing up somewhat Mexican 😉
Enjoy KCW and keep checking back to see what else is in the works. I have so much to show right now!!
Stay Malicious, Rebels 

3 Comments Add yours

  1. There are blossoms on your trees?!?! WHAT?! The snow is finally leaving here. So jealous of all you people in warmer weather. I love the shorts. They are so cute. And the cargo pockets?! Hello, so smart.
    It was so fun being in the tester group with you. I hope you share you EYMM Piko. The color was fierce on you!


  2. Meriel Aho says:

    Oh, I love your pocket placement! Must do that with the next pair! That fabric is so pretty, and I love your daughter's top too.


  3. DolloMalice says:

    Thanks so much ladies (since I have not figured out how to reply to comments in thread form. Grrr) I loved our testing group and think we pretty muck rock. And don't worry, the Piko review will be up soon and I am wearing it as I type this.


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