Sailor Pink: A Dahlia Top Pattern Review

I have been testing like crazy, which I feel like I am a part of the cool kids group, which in actuality, feels like I am the nerdy kid who got invited by default because of a sibling, neighbor, etc.

It’s ok, I am nerdy and I like it!

The best thing about testing is that I am getting to know some newer designers, and WOW, they do not cease to amaze. 
This shirt I got to test is the Dahlia Top by Golden Rippy. This shirt is SO FAST! Really, super fast. If you don’t want the flower, or just want a quick and comfortable blouse that is also stylish, 30 minutes and this shirt will be done. I have 3 more cut out, but I have to finish my other tests so that will have to wait to be revealed. 
Her instructions were really clear and thorough. You would not know that this is her first PDF sewing pattern. So for the test, I could not settle on a look at all. All the beautiful tests were coming through and my brain was just empty. No ideas. No brilliance. Finally, I remembered that I had this bating suit coverup that was just not flattering anymore. That is where the anchor fabric came from. The pink was some remnants I had lying around and it accented the navy blue perfect. Then I had enough leftover to make a matching headband. I love the flower and it took maybe 10 minutes to put together. I decided it needed something in the middle, as did most of the other testers (plus my hand sewing is not always the prettiest) so a dainty button was added and I love it!
Some of the great features of this are the flower and well put together tutorial on how to assemble it. 
It has multiples sizes 12 months all the way to 12 years so LOTS of use.
It is a great beginner pattern, especially if you have a phobia of those gnarly knits. 
But all sewing level will appreciate the simplicity and craftsmanship of it. 
So go ahead and head to the shop to grab your Dahlia Top. 
AND, word on the street is trying to pressure her for a Women’s version. So hop aboard that train too!
Last thing, you have a few more hours to enter a giveaway for this pattern.
Just click here to enter. 

Look forward to seeing all of you make some of these. 
Stay Malicious, Rebels

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