Rose Skirt by Filles A Maman Pattern Review

Once again, Filles a Maman  has made a easy and hip pattern. The Rose skirt has similar a similar shape to the Agathe pants that I made here. It is such a cool shape and the kids LOVE them!

The knit waistband means no zippers or buttons and that is is easy to get on and off. However, Amanda Rose showed how adorable it is in a woven with a zipper. I love what she did with it.

As all of the Filles a Maman patterns are, this pattern was no exception. The fit was great. The instructions were detailed and clear, giving you a professional finish with a beginner pattern. I loved how the pleats come out because of her instruction. 
This is another under an hour pattern, really once you make one, you can get it done in 30 minutes. 
Head over to Filles a Maman etsy shop and pick up the pattern. If you didn’t get the pants last time, or one of her other patterns, then she has codes for 20% off of 2 patterns, 30% off 3 patterns and 40% off of 4 patterns at the top of her etsy page. 
If you want to share things you have made with Filles a Maman patterns, then you can join her facebook group  or share on her facebook page.
If you haven’t been inspired, you will be once you see some of the amazing things posted in her group.
Stay Malicious, Rebels 


One Comment Add yours

  1. AmandaRose says:

    you're so awesome thank you so much for linking my blog up. I LOVE how yours turned out it's perfect and fits her like a charm 🙂 i'll be linking you up to mine as well 🙂


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