Candy Apple Stripes: KCW summer outfit

I finally had a chance to make my own inspired outfit for Kid’s Clothing Week. I have had a hectic few weeks of testing, which I love, but with with 5 kids, a home to try to maintain and deadlines. Yup, it was near impossible. Yesterday was

my chore day, so I decided to see what I had available to sew. After no inspiration, I spied a red and white striped dress I wear as a tunic because my thighs have outgrown it as a dress. Then I remembered a strapless red eyelet top I had in my “upcycle” stash.

There have been tons of pintucks, pleats and folds in fashion lately, and I have been dying to create something with that same trend. I knew I wanted to do it with the shorts because it doesn’t seem to be seen much right now. My base was E & M patterns No 2 pattern pants and shorts. I measured around my daughter’s thighs & hips so I could make a slimmer fit and slimmed down the back piece, then widened the front piece to do the pintucks. Then I added a tiny ruffle to the bottom. I love how the shorts came out. And this pattern fits so good. 
Then the top I just cut into her length, pulled it in the middle and adjusted so there was no excess boobage, and added straps that meet in the middle of the back. The shirt had shirring in the back which made it an easy fit for her. And since it is a knit eyelet, I just left the hem with raw edges. 
She may have been bribed to sit still for a few photos. 
Don’t forget to admire the tattoo artwork courtesy of big brother.
I just love the summery feel of this outfit and the bright pop of red. I need to fine tune this method on the shorts better. But I love how it looks all together.
Note how perfect the back of the E & M pants fits. I just slimmed down for a slim fit. and I love how the straps meet in the middle. 
I hope you enjoyed my upcycled outfit in honor of the last day of KCW! I wish I could have sewn along more, but I am happy with what I got done just in time for the last day!
Stay Malicious, Rebels


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