Willow & Co Tester Tour

I had the awesome opportunity to test 5 of the patterns that are part of the very first Willow & Co Pattern Collective. This collection has been very exciting for the sewing community as it features designers from some very popular blogs. Designers of these amazing designs that have included clothing that is for both boys and girls.

Some of the patterns are even unisex which makes it very exciting when you see how cutting edge these designs are. This collection features 10 patterns and the theme for inspiration is Glamping so they are all very fashion forward with emphasis on comfort. My kids absolutely love the items I have made from this collection, and I plan on purchasing all the other patterns to complete my collection. One of my favorite things about these patterns is every single one I have tested goes up to at least size 10, some even size 14. With a range like that, you can get a lot of use from the patterns.

Each one I tested will have blog links to the other testers beautiful work! You are going to want to see all of them!!
Willow & Co: Spring Pattern Collection

The first one I tested was the Fawn Lily from Rock the Stitch. Her pattern is a tunic/dress. It features 2 bodices, 3 length options, 3 skirt options and pockets! YES pockets! You know how much we all love dresses with pockets! Sizes go all the way up to 12 so there is plenty of room for different styles and lots of ages to be sewn for.

The Fawn Lily Dress from Rock the Stitch

Then I got to test the Kudzu Cargos from Charming Doodle. These pants are so hip and cool! As soon as I saw the pattern reveal, I knew I had to have those! When I got chosen to test, my 10 year old son was excited, which is rare since everything I do is boring. These come in skinny fit or relaxed fit. They have these cool diagonal seams, pockets, faux fly, and a really comfortable waistband. You can make shorts or pants and they are completely workable for girls as well. The finish on these are so professional and cool. My son wore them over spring break for 3 days before I had to pry them off of him. If that doesn’t say something, then I don’t know what does. The size on this pattern goes up to 10. I hope that changes in the future because my son LOVED them!!

Kudzu Cargos by Charming Doodle

I tested the gorgeous Ash Jumpsuit from Petit a Petit. It is a halter jumpsuit also made as separates with a total of 6 different option which include pockets. I had some trouble with this one, but my ambitions got the best of me. But I endured and ended up with a beautiful piece. This goes all the way up to a size 12. Celina is known for her details, and this pattern is not lacking them. She is also the winner of this week’s Project Run & Play from this stunning ensemble.

Ash Jumpsuit from Petit a Petit

The remaining items I tested were the Clover Shorts and Persimmon Tunic/Dress from Mouse House Creations. These are both timeless, classic pieces, which should come as no surprise if you are familiar with Hayley’s patterns. The short’s are cuffed, have pockets, and also, a sash and belt loops, as well as a ruffle option. The Persimmon can be a dress or tunic, has pleats, pockets, and can be ruffled or straight. The tester Persimmons coming through have been GORGEOUS! Insanely gorgeous! It definitely makes me want to make many more!

Stitched by Crystal (Clover Shorts)
Stitched by Crystal (Persimmon)
Clover Shorts from Mouse House creations
Persimmon Tunic/Dress from Mouse House creations

Now you get to get excited and wait very impatiently for the Release of the Glamping Collection on April 22. Start stalking Willow & Co for the patterns to go on sale. Here is their facebook and blog so that you can stalk away. you are not going to want to miss this collection.

Once the collection is released, I will have an in depth look at each of the patterns I made and the other ones in the collection. 
Stay Malicious, my Rebels    

10 Comments Add yours

  1. Elisa Clark says:

    Wow! You did a great job with all of these patterns!


  2. Great job Melissa! All you creation look awesome!!


  3. Mie Brindle says:

    woooow, you have been busy and they all look great. Thank you so much!


  4. Ashley Simon says:

    I love how they finished up! You did a lovely job 🙂 I must add the tester tour to my page too! Great idea!


  5. DolloMalice says:

    Thank you so much everyone! (Sorry, I am still trying to figure out why blogger doesn't allow me to reply in thread form) I had a blast working on these. This collection is Filet mignon in the PDF land in my eyes!


  6. Lucy says:

    You've been busy!! Wow. I loved testing the jumpsuit and the other patterns look wonderful too.


  7. Great job, they all look so beautiful!


  8. lafolie says:

    Such pretty versions!! They all look great!! Amazing job Melissa!


  9. Ula P says:

    Great job! You were busy!!


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