Handmade Birthday: Peacock Princess

Do you have a dress up queen at home? Or a little girl who believes she REALLY is a princess so she must dress like one at all times? I do, though she is turning 8 tomorrow, so I have a feeling that it may eventually go away until we hit the big princess days like prom, weddings, sweet 16, etc. Yikes!

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

I had the lovely opportunity to test another fantastic dress from Mandy K designs called the Princess Party Dress. You can find it on Etsy or Craftsy. It has a beautiful rounded top bodice with a deep V inset in the bodice for that classic princess look. The immediate look is inspired by Elsa of Frozen so this is perfect for all those girls running around your house singing “Let It Go!” like mine do DAILY! Multiple times a day! Over and over AND OVER! LOL!
Since my daughter is hitting that dreaded tween age space, I decided to modernize it a bit by getting this beautiful Alexander Henry peacock fabric and using a royal purple chiffon. The top is designed as fully lined, but I chose just to line the woven part so that I could have that sheer peekaboo at the top and back.
My daughter loves it when I make things for her. So I decided that this next week I am going to make something handmade for her everyday to give her a little gift that is special and unique to her every day. My husband thinks it is overkill, especially when she throws one of her massive “Veruca Salt” tantrums. You know, like this from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
But that is our lovely daughter with her lovely temper and her over tired needs to go to bed busy bee softball player attitude. Ugh! It is exhausting being 8 sometimes! Right?
Be sure to check in everyday to see what my own little Veruca gets for her birthday presents from Mommy.
Stay Malicious, my Rebels 


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