Handmade Birthday: Pinky the Doll & Royal Bloom Headband

handmade birthday rebel & malice
Today is the day! Amelie is 8 years old! I cannot believe that my first daughter is 8. I guess 7 is entering tweendom, but this is really it for me. She is officially a tween! WAHHHHHHH! Let me tell you, she does NOT have a pleasant attitude all the time.
Ok a lot of the time! But she has a big part of me which is a argumentative, inquisitive, stubborn, temperamental side. I know, we are lovely specimens. She really is a challenge, and I fail miserably some days, but other days when she gives me a big hug and tells me she loves me, I am reminded why I battle it out with her on a regular basis.
Today her handmade birthday project was a cloth doll: pattern courtesy of  Make it and Love It
I love how it turned out, and hope to make a mini her to go with the signature look I am working on.
She named her Pinky because she has a lot of pink on

I gave her polka dot tights, a denim skirt and a peter pan collar. Bun hair and some pink shoes
Amelie was absolutely smitten with her. She better be! I was running behind on everything last night and didn’t go to bed until 3am! The things we do for our kids. I am positive I will CRASH & BURN later. 
She chose to wear her peacock princess dress from yesterday’s post so I made a simple floral headband for her too. I used purple bias tape for the headband and then created a little flower with the purple chiffon and a grommet. It was fast, simple and just the right touch for her dress. 

She was really pleased with her handmade gifts today, and I think that means mission accomplished. She has no idea what I am up to so it is going to be so exciting giving her something for 5 more days.
Pinky and Amelie seem to be on a great path of adventures and friendship, unless they are conspiring against me, of course. 

So 8 years old: Amelie loves:
Monster High & Ever After High
High Heels
Her amazing 2nd grade teacher
Pizza & Sushi
Anything girly, princessy, over the top
Paris & Audrey Hepburn
Movie:  Ramona & Beezus, Grease, Cry-Baby, Mirror Mirror
TV: Sam & Cat, Jessie, Littlest Pet Shop, Grimm & the Fosters (yes I have an intense child)
She is turning into a very headstrong and intense girl. Some days my will just isn’t there to battle it out. I know she is going to turn into a very dynamic and strong woman. It is amazing watching her personality blossom and change, even if some of that blossoming is her developing a voice. A LOUD voice! She is emotional and angry. She wishes she were an only child. She does not get along with big brothers 90 % of the time. Thanks for reading my summary about my daughter and enjoy the collage of Amelie through the years.
What has been your favorite birthday memory? Or favorite handmade gift? I’d love to hear your memories.
Thanks for reading and come back tomorrow to see what else the birthday girl receives handmade. 
Stay Malicious, my Rebels

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