Handmade Birthday: Call Me Audrey

I had intentions of getting this up yesterday, but life happened, and softball, homework, housework, feeding children. You know, all those annoying things kids think we have to do.
This is intended to be my signature style for the linky party on Project Run & Play so it is showing what inspires me and what kind of looks I like to create.

I love classic 40’s, 50s and 60s fashion. I also love punk/metal and anything edgy or rock and roll. Maybe even inappropriate within reason. So for Amelie’s next handmade birthday gift, I decided to grab my inspiration from 2 of my favorite fashion icons: Audrey Hepburn & Debbie Harry

Audrey Hepburn is my classic, and should be anyone’s classic inspiration. He staples are still very dominant in today’s fashion.
Debbie Harry reminds you to have fun, not be the norm, and push the envelope. She was known for colors, mixing patterns and wearing whatever the F she wanted.

So it is an eclectic mix, which is exactly what I love. Mixing and matching things to get your own look. For her look, I knew I wanted to mix patterns. Patterned pants were something Audrey Hepburn was known for, and mixing patterns was something Debbie Harry did before it was “acceptable.” I also knew I wanted to classic silhouette of Audrey’s normal look, which I pulled from her famous Sabrina look. I made a basic tunic, with the deep V back, but added a strap with a bow and some studs. It gave a hint of girly and rock and roll. I LOVE it!! Then for the pants, I used a legging pattern but loosened them up in the ankle a tad for the cigarette pant look. And I love the vertical stripe look so I thought it was a fantastic mix with the floral top. The final touch was an updo and a headwrap. Audrey Hepburn made casual chic look effortless, yet so sophisticated. A headwrap was a great way to accessorize in a functional way. You cannot channel Audrey without ballet flats! So that was my signature look and my daughter was ecstatic. She loves getting unique pieces designed just for her. And she loves when I tell her it is inspired after certain Hollywood icons.

Tunic: Seamingly Smitten Adelaide Dress pattern
Pants: Figgy’s Sunki Leggings pattern
Headwrap: self drafted
Shoes: one of her many staples
Glasses: Zennioptical
Can I just say how much I love how this came out! And I foresee a lot of wear out of these.

Time to get back to work for the easter weekend handmade goodies

Stay Malicious, my Rebels

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