Handmade Birthday: Meet Fuschia & Margot

Today is the last day of Handmade Birthday and I had to take the weekend off since it was super hectic: Easter, softball, celebrating Amelie’s birthday, husband’s birthday & a long overdue swim day with the family.
So the last day was supposed to include an outfit, purse and doll. Scratch that idea! Today instead, she received a fox coin purse; pattern from Get Your Crap Together which you can find here and a mermaid doll. I found the pattern for the mermaid from Sewdaily.
Fuschia the Fox
And a bit of change to start with
I made a girly fox because my daughter is girly, and added a bow because what girly girl doesn’t love bows. I chose to use pink tones to go with the girly theme. Because she was floral, bright pink and girly, we named her Fuschia the Fox. I thought it was fitting, and she has quite the personality. We even put a tiny bit of change to start her coin purse. 
This pattern is very easy with the instructions and quick. You will get addicted to making many more. 
She adored it and I can’t wait to make the matching purse to go with it after I finish up all these pattern tests.

Next up, which she was the star of the show, was Margot the Mermaid. Margot is french for pearl, so it fit the sea theme. I tried to make her look a bit more like my daughter so I made her hair dark brown and light brown, like a California girl 😉 I made this pretty light blue for the fins and a gold mermaid bandeau. Then I added a teeny tiny shell to accessorize her hair. I love how she turned out! And Amelie is SMITTEN! Now she has Pinky and Margot to sleep with. I hope they remain well loved for a long time to come. 
She is classic and glamorous 
Meet Margot the Mermaid

Amelie was so excited for all her handmade gifts she received and I think I accomplished the one of a kind special birthday that I want her to treasure. I think this is a keeper in traditions, thought it is going to be really hard to figure out for my older boys.
But now Handmade birthday is over! I hope you enjoyed it and got some ideas of making your own handmade birthday gifts. I think it is an incredible way to show love, personalize and make things that are unique and stand out. Thanks for reading. I have lots of exciting stuff coming up, like my full review of Willow & Co patterns that are coming out tomorrow. You won’t want to miss them!
Stay Malicious, my Rebels


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Ashley Simon says:

    Very creative!!! Love the theme “Handmade Birthday”. Thinking I should do this for my girls next year!


  2. Maris says:

    Really cute – I love the mermaid!!


  3. Meriel Aho says:

    Handmade Birthday is a great idea – and I love that mermaid! My three year old just saw her and said “Oooh!” so I guess she wants one ;)Love your pink fox too.


  4. Chelsea B. says:

    I love handmade birthday gifts! And I love the names she picked!! Glad you shared!


  5. So sweet, love the mermaid!


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