Willow & Co: Persimmon Tunic & Dress Review

Today is the BIG day! Willow and Co is releasing their Spring/Summer Collection: Wanderlust a Glamping Collection. You can see my brief review of the patterns I tested here.

You also want to make sure you are following their blog, facebook page, and are signed up for the newsletter for special codes, and of course, when the collection goes LIVE! Can you tell I am ecstatic? I definitely want all the other patterns in the collection. It is such an amazing collection and a fantastic group of designers.

I do, I do!
So today starts a blog tour of the patterns I have made and will be making from Willow & Co. First up is the Persimmon Dress and tunic from Mouse House Creations. You can see her other amazing patterns here but she will be moving them to her website in a week. You will want to subscribe to her newsletter as well for some codes and news before anyone else gets it. 
willow and co mouse house creations
Amazing right?! 

I loved all the options this had to offer. It is adorable as a tunic or dress. So many of the testers made it take on a whole new look by putting a different fabric for the middle panel. With the lengths, ruffle or straight, and pockets… It has lots of options. The sizing is from 6 months to 12. That is amazing! I love when pattern designers put multiple sizes in AND make it big enough to last a while since girls get older, and one size does not fit all.

Can you tell she was thrilled about her dress?

The recommended fabrics for this dress are: linen, voile, chambray, quilters cotton, lightweight denim, seersucker, sateen, poplin, rayon. Really the possibilities are endless. If you are adventurous, you could probably make it work in something like Georgette or chiffon as it is also fully lined. 
I chose to go with this big print gingham. It was very thin and I kind of messed up, but it still came out beautiful. I used an old holy tank for the binding and pockets. I loved the pop of contrast and detail it gave. This dress has pleating on the bodice that gives a really beautiful, vintage detail, but also makes for a fantastic fit across the chest. My little one is super skinny, and could probably wear a size 2-3 in the chest, but I did the 5. And I have to say that the chest did not gape at all and it still measured with plenty of room to grow in comfortably. I loved the simplicity of no ruffle, but let me tell you, THAT ruffle is adorable! Overall, this dress only took a bit of time once you finish the tiny details. It is hard to gauge time in this house, but it took about 3 hours from start to finish if you are uninterrupted (which is a rarity in my home.)

Simple & comfortable
This dress was so easy to put together. Hayley is really detailed in explaining things in her tutorials and you feel comfortable making any pattern she has. She puts some professional little touches, but in layman’s terms so that any sewing level can make them. And if you join her group on facebook, then she is always willing to explain things you are having trouble with.

You will want this pattern if you have a baby, toddler, little girl, or tween/preteen because it is perfect enough to be cute and comfy for the littles, yet stylish and hip enough to work for the older girls. You should see some of the tween designs done. They were gorgeous. 
The pleating details are beautiful 
The pockets are fun and large.
If you have a collector, she will love this feature.

There are going to many more of the dress and tunic in the future for my 3 girls. Now go stalk Willow and Co for the patterns to go live!! Willow & Co is now LIVE and poppin’! Don’t miss out on all the excitement of the release of Wanderlust! And don’t forget to come back tomorrow for my next review. 
Stay Malicious, my Rebels


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  1. Jonie says:

    I love this version of the Persimmon! You did a great job!


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