Willow & Co: Ash Jumpsuit Review

Day 2 of my Willow & Co Tour features the Ash Jumpsuit created by Petit a Petit and Family. You have the option of making it as a one piece or with 2 pieces as a halter and pant set.

Elastic around the neck, back, arms, waist and legs makes this comfortable and easy to get on and off. It also has pockets! I know, I know… We all love pockets!

I made a 2 piece with the same print. I had this amazing plaid crinkle chiffon just waiting for something light and fun to be made. So I got the crazy idea to use that for my jumpsuit. I know, I am bonkers mad! I used an ivory lining fabric with the chiffon and lined everything except the back. I thought it would leave a nice breezeway through the clothes while still modest enough because of the bold print. 
This is probably an intermediate pattern. There are small curved casings for the halter top which takes a bit of skill. I admit, I am fairly experienced with sewing, and my choice of fabrics made the casing very difficult for me. I was using quite a few 4 letter words, but that was my fault for being a little too adventurous with fabric. I do LOVE the end result though. This bold print with the 2 pieces makes it look like a one piece and seems just about perfect for a fun, spirited little girl.
The fabric suggestions for this pattern are: light to medium weight wovens: quilting cotton, batiste, lawn, chambray, linen, voile. If you are using anything very light or sheer, then you will want to use interfacing or lining. 
I loved all the options offered: one piece, two pieces. Elastic or flat waist. Pockets. And of course, since there is elastic all over, no buttons, zippers, etc. 
I definitely plan on making many more. I love the one piece, but with school age girls, I think the 2 piece is more convenient. These would be glorious in a pretty knit. I will be trying that next.
I love how effortless, yet stylish this looks. And of course, the other tested Ash Jumpsuits knocked it out of the ball park. Seriously inspiring!
Now that Willow & Co patterns are live, what are you buying and making? I got the Mulberry Tunic which I will be showing you sometime next week. 
I can’t wait to see what you make!
Stay Malicious, my Rebels


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