Willow & Co: Clover Shorts Review

Have you taken a good look at the Wanderlust collection from Willow & Co now? I am smitten with every one. Like I mentioned before in my testing tour, I got to test both of Hayley (of Mouse House Creations) patterns. The second one, which I am a huge fan of, were the Clover Shorts.
They are a cuffed, pleated short with a sash and option of a paperbag style waist. AND of course, POCKETS! I think you know by now how much I obsess over girl clothing having pockets. We need those suckers in our clothes because we have so much to tote around.  
I love how many details were in these shorts: button belt loops, front pockets, sash, cuffs and the option of flat waistband or ruffle. You can do so much to personalize these.They are a great classic staple if you do them in a solid tone. I am really thinking I want these in a bold color like red or turquoise. 
Aren’t these adorable? This was the first pair I made for fit
 and I love the ruffle, contrast of pink and those pleats.

I ended up making 3 pairs as Hayley was making sure that the fit was perfect. Seriously, how awesome is she? Her blog profile even says she is awesome 😉 So the fit and length was amazing by the time testing was done. I know you want to see my other pairs I made so here they are:

And an olive pair for my 8 year old
For my skinny mini 4 year old. 

Aren’t they just timeless? I know we will be getting lots of use out of this pattern for years to come because it goes from size 6 months to size 12. For my slim daughters, I could use it clear into high school at this rate. 
Perfect shorts for a zombie invasion?
The recommended fabrics for this pattern are: linen, fine wale corduroy, chambray, quilting cotton, twill, lightweight denim, seersucker, flannel, eyelet, sateen, poplin.
There have been some amazing shorts made by the other testers and I can’t wait to see what everyone else comes up with now that you are ale to purchase the patterns from the collection. What do your Clover Shorts look like in your mind? 
She wanted everyone to know how comfortable these shorts were
and “Kaboinga!”
See you all tomorrow. I still have a few more reviews of Willow & Co patterns.
Stay Malicious, my rebels


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