Cinco De Mayo Roundup

Cinco De Mayo: The holiday where everyone except Mexicans celebrate Mexico in their own festive ways. As someone who is half Mexican, I know all too well the history and significance of Cinco De Mayo. It is NOT the Mexican Independence Day as many think. So why do we celebrate it?

I am not quite sure why this has been chosen as the official unofficial Mexican Independence Day, but the true day of independence is September 16th. If you don’t know, you should take a few minutes and learn the true history of Cinco de Mayo. Today Cinco De Mayo is celebrated by eating mexican food, wearing bright colors, sombreros and drinking tequila. I mean color, food and alcohol? Everyone loves an excuse to party. now that the history lesson is over, here are some food, drinks, clothing and crafts to help you find your festive side today, or for the rest of the summer.

I personally love a great cocktail. Holidays are a great time to try new recipes, and these unique drinks were calling to me. All are paleo friendly with no added sugar/soda. Cooking Stoned has 2 of the awesome recipes that are really making me want to bust out the drinks tonight. This avocado margarita sounds so refreshing, and calls to me as a Californian, I love avocados! For those who love everything spicy like me, this Jalapeno Cilantro margarita is perfect. Refreshing with a kick! Free People put this mouthwatering Blood Orange Margarita recipe up. Blood oranges with tequila? OHMYGOSH!!! I will be making these for sure. And this one, right up my alley. It my absolute favorite combo: spicy, salty and sweet. Boulder Locavore has a Smoky Watermelon Jalapeno Maragrita. That’s it! I am done! I can envision this one while bbqing on the patio and sitting by the pool.  
You cannot have Cinco de Mayo without some food, so since I am trying my best to have good gut health (not going so well) I have a couple of paleo recipes and dessert recipes because everyone deserves treat. these Churro Truffles from Pizzazzerie are probably way to good to stop at just one. I love cinnamon and sugar. I could eat it by the pound. Maybe these would curb my sweet addiction to it? Doubtful. Gutsy by Nature has this Carne Asada bowl which is perfect and so simple. What an awesome presentation with minimal work. Kelly Bakes made a Gluten Free Tres Leches cake. That is amazing! If only I could have GF and dairy free tres leches. But then it would not really be leche. I am still working on that combo. This! I just need these right now. Eat Drink Paleo came up with paleo nachos. I know! Right! They feature sweet potato chips, guacamole and pico. I am drooling over it right now. Simple, filling, and so healthy! 
All parties need decorations! That is definitely one of the best things about the Mexican culture to me is the vibrance, color and life everything has. You see colors, flowers, music everywhere. These DIY papel picado flags from Green Wedding Shoes are simple and easy. Inspired by Familia made these cute DIY pinatas out of plastic party cups and tissue paper. They would be so fun for the kids. These doorway fiesta flowers from Aunt Peaches make me happy and I want those in my house year round. If you want to try your hand at something really crafty, this Frida Khalo embroidery kit is beautiful and great to keep around all year long. And this quilt is amazing! It reminds me of all the craftsmanship that goes into so much of the items made in Mexico. 
Fashion is something I think a lot of people forget when celebrating Cinco de Mayo, and they go cliche with the sombreros, classic tiered skirts and peasant tops. Here are DIY options that are sure to make you look festive and stylish, and you don’t have to just wear it one time. MADE put up a tutorial for these adorable Fiesta Skirts that are great for a festive day, summer, everyday. My daughters would love the vibrancy of these skirts. This sarape inspired miniskirt a pair & a spare is fashionable and right on trend. One of Each put a super easy and fast way to use a sarape as a poncho. No sewing, no cutting. 
So now that you have all your ideas, get ready for your Cinco De Mayo. Have fun, look good, and eat & drink well.
Stay Malicious, my Rebels 

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