Red Balloons for Ryan

I just want to keep this short and sweet, if I am able. 
You probably don’t know this family. They are the Saldañas. 
The little boy is Ryan. He is 3 years old.
He passed away Friday evening from a tragic accident.
Nothing can bring that beautiful boy back. But his memory and life can be celebrated with your help.
Their story has gone viral because of Diary of an Addict’s blog.
All they are asking is that you share a photo from instagram @babyboybakery and hashtag #redballoonsforryan to help keep his memory alive.
Help spread his story. And maybe help bring awareness to how fast these precious moments can be taken from us. 
My heart is broken.
It doesn’t make sense to me.
I wish no parent ever had to experience the loss of a child. 
BUT you sharing his story on social media, is helping his parents Dan & Jacqui mourn and heal. 
It won’t be an easy journey so please, if this moves you, take part in #redballoonsforryan


One Comment Add yours

  1. Caroline says:

    Trusting Jesus will redeem and restore this story!!


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