Feel Good Friday: Just Dance

Hello there. 
It is time for Feel Good Friday, and this week my emphasis is just on being happy, thanks to Pharrell’s song Happy constantly being in my head. With good reason too, because this song just gives me that reminder that we all have something to be happy about. Even in the darkest times, we can find something to be happy about. So Happy is the anthem for this Friday as I tell you that one of my best mechanisms to feel good is to DANCE! Yes, that evil word where you think you can only do it if you have a slamming body, good rhythm or can pick up choreography. No, no way! Dancing is an expression of emotions. Dancing is how we respond to music. Dancing is YOU! 

Studies have shown the health benefits of dancing. Mental health is benefitted, which means we stress less and are happier. It also helps with memory & fighting brain disease. Who would have thought that dancing can help combat brain disease? Since it helps with mental health, it should come as no surprise that people with depression get many benefits from dancing. 
So I think we all can see that dancing is a huge boost to having a happy day, week, life. 
I have always loved dancing, but as I had more children, less time for me, and a husband who doesn’t dance, I lost myself and my love for it. I became a wallflower. I found myself subduing my urge to dance with subtle little shimmies. 
So this Friday, I will dance, whether I am at home, at the park, out for a night (a rarity) or hanging out with the family. And I will dance enthusiastically without a care in the world. For myself. For my happiness. For my health. 
Remember, you are only dancing for yourself. No one else. 
It is even ok if you need a little pick me up to get you moving 😉
We don’t need a dancefloor, we just need our body and the music. Venue not necessary. 
All hail the disco ball. Or at least pretend there is one! I have clothes that look like disco balls. 
For this Friday, a little soundtrack to get you moving, starting with “Happy” by Pharell
Another one of my favorites, you may not have heard before. It is “Overexposed” by Matt & Kim
Just their energy and not a care in the world dance moves will get you moving. 

This song makes me instantly dance, which just may be my music taste. Needless to say, I love it!
“What You Know” by Two Door Cinema Club

The ultimate feel good song of all time in my opinion, “Mr Blue Sky” by Electric Light Orchestra
Because my latin side demands at least one spanish song that makes me move crazily, so here is “Suavemente” by Elvis Crespo
My favorite line dance to do with the kids “Cupid Shuffle” by Cupid
And lastly, my 2 ultimate all makes me dance songs: 
the first is my ultimate sing along at the top of my lungs song: “Anything Anything” by Dramarama
My other is another great sing along (not for the kids) song that I will dance over and over to
Some of my other front runners tend to be: The Cure, Depeche Mode, Local Natives, Minus the Bear, Save Ferris, She Wants Revenge, and anything Ska. If you have never listened to ska, this is my favorite “I want to be happy” song. “Super rad” by The Aquabats. a fun tidbit about the Aquabats is the lead singer is also the co-creator of the famous kids show you either love or hate, Yo Gabba Gabba and they also have a show for older kids called The Aquabats! Super Show! which I happen to love as much as another kids show (whisper) Sam & Cat lol
So here is that gem, and if you enjoy this song, then definitely check out some other ska songs from bands like Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Reel Big Fish, Save Ferris, Voodoo Glow Skulls, OLD No Doubt (emphasis on the old) Less than Jake, and there is a christian group called the OC Supertones that are pretty rad. 
Now that you have seen a bit of my eclectic music taste, I hope you decide to feel good this friday by letting loose to some of your favorite jams. I think I may be having an 80’s day here.
Stay Malicious, my rebels


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