Sew-a-bration of Womanhood: Pencil Skirt & Crop Top, Oh My!

When the call was put up for this series, I knew I had to get in. Being a mom, let alone being mom to 5, makes me put myself on the backburner often. So here was my chance to be a Star! Ok, not really. It was my chance to celebrate me, do something for myself, and love the skin I am in now. 

This series was put together by Call Ajaire and the Shaffer Sisters. Can you believe how awesome this is?Here are all the amazing and lovely contributors to the series. Be sure to check out all the other links because there are great tutorials, tips and a whole lot of self love going on.

It is a sew-a-bration of Womanhood and Friday, so what better combo than celebrating womanhood and feeling good.Therefore, here is our “Feel Good Friday”post as well. This series has been so encouraging so far as the woman are making some lovely pieces, and they are all celebrating their bodies. It can be a bit trying sewing for yourself when you don’t like what you are putting the package in, but we are putting that all behind us today. 
Now, if you have not figured it out yet, I am quite the fan of vintage life, specifically the 40’s and 50s. I love the style, the silhouettes, sense of community and family, the music, the glamour and ok, just everything. Every chance I get, I try to make something inspired by that era. For my inspiration, I was going for pin-up with a hint of punk. Blondie really inspired me because, well, she is a fox and she loved to celebrate her body, mix prints, just have a lot of fun with her fashion. I do not color inside the lines, so mixing prints is natural to me. I also loved that it celebrated women’s natural curves. The body was something to be adorned and celebrated in a beautiful way. 
With that being said, music inspires me all the time. The whole time I was planning this, I was thinking of Grease and Sandra D’s makeover. So naturally, the song “You’re The One That I Want” was kind of my fuel and anthem for this project. I also got a little help from Pat Benetar “All Fired Up” because this outfit fired me up, and the man. 
My body types falls somewhere in between hourglass, minus the breasts, and pear. I have a pretty small waist with some big hips thanks to the asset I carry. I have a hard time with this body of mine since I was always very tall and thin, with the only curve being my butt. So this outfit definitely made me say “Hell Yeah! I can still rock this mother of 5 kids body!” The hubby was pretty impressed as well 😉
I have to say, this outfit made me feel very “va va voom” 

Hello Asset!
Pencil skirts are the best for accenting and adding curves.

For the top, I used the newly released Vintage Bikini Crop Top pattern from Dandelions n Dungarees. I tested it for release and made a bikini top (still waiting on bikini bottoms) ad knew I had to try it out as a crop top.  This seems like an odd choice for someone who doesn’t enjoy the look of her body. But I love the vintage look of cropped tops with high waisted things like skirts, shorts, etc. Something about the little exposing of skin makes me feel confident rather than a whale. 
I also made a self drafted knit pencil skirt from this fun knit fabric that has been sitting around just staring at me. Stripes and a funky print are not what most people would gravitate to, but I did. I know it may be too funky, even tacky to some. That is ok, I love me some Peggy Bundy. I either go basic casual (as in my staples ribbed tanks or striped shirts)  or I go all the way. I am definitely a go big or go home type! 
I admit, this outfit gave me a tad more sass. 

The cropped top has padded molded cups so you can wear it without a bra, if you please. I normally don’t since I am part of the itty bitty club, but this top gave me the confidence to be a bit ballsy. I also think this pattern has great potential to lengthen for a longer top, but that will take some experimentation. I took an old ribbed tank and used that as my source of fabric. I do not recommend using a rib knit. That was definitely a trial and error moment. I also was not pleased with my straps because I used the rib knit. Once I get some plain red knit, then I will redo them.

I definitely think I was channeling my latin side in this pose

This project really made me be proud of my body, and realize I need to make more time to take care of myself. Happy me means happy mom and happy wife. I also will be rocking this outfit often. Watch the heads turn like I am a mad woman for bearing my midriff. It is ok! Moms can still have a little fun too!

Goodbye and thanks for reading!
PiePie Designs

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Renee says:

    This oufit looks hot and fun~really flattering to your shape! Love the print mixing too


  2. one word, WOW! Such a fun style and you look amazing!


  3. Oh my gosh, you look soooo good! I absolutely love this look. I'd love for you to link up with this week's Tuesday Sews Giveaway at PiePie Designs:


  4. amy mayen says:

    I came over from Ajaire's because your outfit is so cool. Mom of 5??! I hate you a little, for looking so great! I'm your newest fan! Amy from SewsNBows


  5. DolloMalice says:

    Thanks to all of you. You really know how to make a girl feel good 😉


  6. Lulu says:

    Look at you, mamacitas


  7. Magda E. says:

    So in love with your top right now. =D


  8. Ashley Simon says:

    Girl you rocked this outfit!!! I love everything about it. Soooooo flattering!


  9. JessiBerry says:

    *gasp* Mom of 5 sporting exposed midriff? Scandalous!

    You are totally rockin the outfit! Gorgeous and fabulous!


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