What I Sewed First

I have been sewing since I was a little girl. By hand. I attempted to sew with a sewing machine when I was around 11-13, but we were not meshing. For some reason, my foot control was always too heavy and let’s face it, I was an impatient teen. I wanted results immediately and didn’t want to listen to anyone. I sewed a handful of funky things through out high school, but stuck more to embroidery, paint, cutting, etc.

Then something happened. In 2006, I gave birth to my 1st girl, and I was suddenly inspired to create things. By a time she was 2, I bought a simple beginner Singer sewing machine. I bought fabric, and bought some patterns on sale at Joanns. Then I made my 1st shirt with a paper pattern on my own. There were hiccups, but I did it on my own, without any help. I felt like a genius (a genius that already had experience assembling tissue patterns and reading the vague instructions with my mom.)

My jump back into sewing

I was immediately hooked and was inspired to upcycle. I had no clue what upcycling was at the time. It was something I was pretty familiar with doing. Being a tiny bit punk rock in high school without being obvious, I always cut up, tied, dyed, and contorted my clothes into new creations. I made my most favorite dress ever from an Elmo shirt and bandanna, both belonging to me. Of course that picture has gone MIA and it is in the wash room. 

I suddenly wanted to sew all the time and just started making up patterns or following free tutorials. Some things clearly looked homemade. However, the more I created, the better I became and more ideas flowed through my head. I have definitely developed an obsessive kind of love with sewing. It makes me happy. My kids love my creations most of the time. I get to live out my dream in a small scale way of designing clothing. 
Tutorial from MadebyLex which I can no longer find the link for 😦

So here is a peek at my first 6 months of creations after discovering how much more I loved sewing since I became a mother to little girls (sorry boys, I was too busy between working full time and college full time to even think about sewing when you 2 came around) You can see the evolution of a mom learning to sew and design in just that short time. I only hope that I have many more stages to grow from there since this has been going on for 5 1/2 years now. 

One of those reuse a button up shirt dresses

Bandannas to halter dress

a halter top and ruffled skirt

Ribbon and petal tutu

As you can see, I created a few things that needed to be tweaked. A few things that I loved. And now I look in awe at all the things I create with self drafted patterns and with the beautiful patterns available to me. Big surprise: One of my first creations will be my inspiration for my first pattern that will be FREE so be sure to stay tuned because that will be here very soon. 

So what was the first thing that you had sewn and how did it turn out? Any sewing disaster stories to share?


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