Birthday for a Star


January through May is super crazy busy because we have birthday after birthday. My baby, Cambria, is the final one until our fall birthdays. And as the baby, it is so hard to not get sad that she is growing up. Looking back through all her baby pictures made me all sappy and sniffly. But after the sadness this past year of my cousin losing their son and my friend losing her daughter, I know that I really shouldn’t be sad that my baby is growing up.
As the baby, she is full of piss and vinegar. Major piss and vinegar, Oh it is going to be fun watching her give people hell when she gets older!! I definitely know how to raise girls who stand up for themselves, maybe a little too well. She knows what she wants, and gets a bit too demanding at times. Ha, yeah trouble in the making. 
She is obsessed with horses! It is all she talks about. She wanted a horsey toy, a horsey cake, a horsey dress and a BIG horsey toy for her birthday. That is all she asked for! Well I don’t know if I should say all or WOW! What a demanding child! I had these big plans of getting the wee wander summer ride fabric. However, with a family this big, there are monetary issues all the time and of course, this time was no different. So the dress will have to wait for another day 😦
I looked through my stash to see what would work, and nothing was popping out. I have another dress I was planning, but it is in testing so you cannot see that one yet. I finally came across this critter fabric I have had for years. Since she loves animals, and it is not a super girly color (she is a girly girl, but so tomboyish too) I used the Vintage Feedsack Dress pattern from Craftiness is Not Optional. I made a few changes to make it my own: tulip sleeves with binding instead of ties, a solid block down the middle of the bodice, a bias tape bow and a slightly open back with button. 
Oh yeah, Star? You ask. If you saw my post about her 2nd birthday last year, then you would know that Star is her nickname and Starling was actually the name I picked out for her middle name, but I lost that contest. 

Notice the sharpie tattoo work courtesy of big brother,
Tattoos are a normal thing in many of our photos. 

I loved the sharp contrast of the black. If it were not for the skunks, I don’t think it would have worked. But the skunks balanced out the black. I loved the ease of this pattern and the vintage feel you get. Through in a vintage inspired headband, and we get a full vintage look. Oh, and one of the “cool” factors of this outfit is that the black in the front of the bodice, the collar and the headband piece were upcycled from some suede pants I have in my stash. I love that you can’t tell, but if you really pay attention, or accidently touch it, then you will have a soft pleasant surprise.

So she didn’t get her horsey dress, but she got a horse cake on the budget we had available and a beautiful dress with a horse headband (which I will be drafting up a tutorial for in the next day or two)

A better look at the horse inspired fascinator headband
(Have you noticed I have an obsession with them?)
Two cakes: One for the family and one for her.
Oh, you fancy!
I also forgot all about My Little Pony. 

This is her “look at my pretty dress pose.”
Sepia with an old ad just for fun. It really brings in the vintage 😉

I am sure we will be over run with horse inspired crafts and clothing here soon, so be prepared. It is all to make them happy, right.

PiePie Designs

Thanks for stopping by. Bye my Rebels.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Chelsea B. says:

    So cute! Love the fabric choice. She is a doll. It amazes me how fast they grow.


  2. JessiBerry says:

    Happy birthday to your baby! So sweet and such a cute girl in a cute dress!


  3. That dress is so great!! Thanks for linking up with Tuesday Sews at PiePie Designs!!


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