What I’ve Been Working On

I have been busy testing patterns. These were the last ones I was able to complete as of right now (2 more are being sewn by hand at the moment) BY hand? WHY? Well, you see, my sewing machine, which is just a very low grade Singer, finally died after 7 years of almost constant use. So RIP trusty Singer! You aren’t going to be used anymore since the parts are NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!! Ugh, oh well, looks like Mama is finally getting the upgrade she deserves. Any recommendations for a meager, and I mean meager, budget, would be greatly appreciated. And now I have to figure what to make without a sewing machine while I wait so impatiently to make something on it. Make it work!!

The first one I worked on was the Summer Surprise Dress & Tunic from Sofilantjes, a Dutch designer who is part of the Aspiring Designer Challenge. I was part of the pretesting and testing phase, which resulted in both my size 4 daughter and my size 6/7 daughter getting some made. It was really easy to make and constructed great. It was also the inspiration to my bow back tutorial which is being revamped at the moment.If you are a beginner to knits, this is a great pattern to start with.

Size 4 slim dress made all in same fabric

My girly girl loves this romantic rose dress

It is the perfect addition to summer

Size 7 slim tunic length with a woven bow

appliqued with some geometric fun to give it a fresh and trendy look

Next up was some selfish sewing for me, YAY! I am so glad I was able to get it done before my sewing machine quit (in fact, I was able to complete 2 other womens patterns in more of a pretesting phase so I got a few new staples in my wardrobe. Woot! More about those to come soon.

So this was the very exciting women’s version of the Dahlia I posted about here. Golden Rippy released the matching women’s version, the Delilah. Let me tell you, she is a FOX! It has 2 embellishment options and 2 sleeve options. You have do a shoulder bow or flowers like the Dahlia. It also has a short sleeve or dolman elbow sleeve. And the length on this is perfect for those mom bodies we like to conceal a bit. It was super easy to sew, and I didn’t even use a knit, I decided to use this sheer georgette fabric and it worked beautifully. I still used knit for the bindings, but that was it. It is flowy, yet still shows your shape, so it is flattering on. The knit waistband means you can pull it down to your hips or push up for a bubble/blousy shape. Once I have a machine again, I will be making a few more. Once again, Rachel has knocked it out of the park and I get to make matching shirts with my girls. Oh poor children!
Great loose fit to flatter your shape

Easy to dress up or down

the crazy girl approved!

Last one, I was lucky enough to test a new Blank Slate pattern that came out today: The Sweet Pea Pajamas. They kind of remind me of a really cute revamped hospital gown. Hear me out, they have these adorable bias shorts, like the 70s shorts with tube socks and a scalloped bias pajama top with snaps on one side. They are very easy to make and have these adorable little bows. My daughter loves them, however, I need to find some light airy fabric to make them for summer time for her.

Perfect summer pjs. 

I love the little bows and binding

Pillow fight!! Hmm, slumber party pjs?

So here are some of the things I have been working on. I will be sharing my strictly hand sewn items later this weekend. I will tell you how treacherous it was or how maybe I found my way to my roots. FYI, the sweet pea pajamas, were not finished when my sewing machine started dying. I finished the inseam and waistband by hand. Who the hell is a rock star now? Ok, maybe that is a bit dramatic, but I feel like it. 

Thanks for visiting and stay rebellious!


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  1. amy mayen says:

    Um, yeah. I'd say that's rock star status! I sewed on a cheapie Singer for 2 years- it had more mileage than most machines see in a lifetime. I got a slightly less cheap Brother that does better with twin needles but sucks at shirring. Sometimes I miss my singer- it still works but I passed it to a friend. I'll probably never be 100% happy with a sewing machine! because I want it to run like the Big blue singer industrials I grew up on, but have all the fancy modern stuff too.
    For a lower price tag, our options are Singer & Brother- and both work fine. Have you ever tried the machines that cost as much as a car? Don't, it will ruin you. Good luck!


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