Challenge: Artsy Summer

With 5 kids, the summers can get chaotic FAST! Bickering starts almost immediately. Boredom is declared constantly. It is almost instantaneous complaining. So, I require an hour of reading that can be broken up throughout the day, and working on the skills that needs the most work like spelling, math, vocab, etc. My kids don’t particularly enjoy my method, but I want them to know that knowledge should always be fed. It doesn’t have to be boring and mundane. Hopefully habit will make it enjoyable after a while. Hope. Yeah, we all have that for our kids that they will be amazing, brilliant geniuses. While I don’t expect all 5 to be the next Einstein, I hope that they are confident in what they can do, and also driven enough to always try, even if it is hard.

Now, this doesn’t mean I am amean school teacher all summer. I love art and want to incorporate more of that with them. I have 1 major goals this summer: to do the Read the Book, Watch the movie challenge with them (at least 1 book a week) and to do arts with them. While I would love to say daily, I am going to give myself a reasonable goal of 2 times a week. When I become too fun Mom, they decide chores are not necessary. Throw in that we will probably be in the pool constantly since we live in triple digit country, and I know many days will be wasted away swimming and lounging eating ALL DAY LONG!

I compiled some ideas that inspire me. I really want to find more recycling/upcycling activities for the kids so I hope to come across my brilliance sometime before summer is over. There are some little toddler activities, bigger kids, and tween/teen activities. I hope this inspires you to find your inner artist with your kids and have fun. some of these will be a big fail and learning experience because life never goes as expected. Then others will be amazing successes. So while I challenge myself, I also challenge you all to try to do 1 art project a week. It can be small or big. You decide and have fun with it.

These are in no order so have fun clicking through the links to see what has inspired me.

I hope you enjoy these inspiring crafts and start making some of your own. You don’t have to follow rules. Make it work for you. 
Stay Rebellious. I will be back soon with my own artsy fails or successes.

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