Mimi Blog Tour: Filles a Maman & Giveaway

I am so excited to be a part of this tour. I almost wasn’t able to due to the whole sewing machine drama, which someone came to the rescue for me. Even that was a bit of an issue because it was an old machine that had not been loved in a long time and I had to breathe life back into her. She’s alive and let me sew up this beautiful pattern. 

You have seen Filles a Maman mentioned in some of my blog posts, like the Agathe & Theo Slouchy pants here and the Rose skirt here. I absolutely love Melanie’s patterns. They are such a fresh spin on the pdf pattern world since so many of them are very princessy and cutesy. All her designs are edgy and modern. My son, who is very fashion conscious and trendy, loves her patterns that I have made him and is excited about her newest one, that we will call the sibling of Mimi 😉
The Mimi dress and shirt pattern is no different the the other patterns. Fresh. Unique and perfect for those who avoid the frills. It is an asymmetrical closure shirt and dress with 3 options of neck styles, 2 sleeve lengths and a dress or shirt/tunic option. She teaches you how to attach facings and how to make a button loop, which you will love if you hate buttonholes like me.  
I originally made a short sleeve version with the peter pan collar option. I loved how it came out and how many things I could pair it with, depending on the look I was trying to achieve. 

Some of my favorite things about this pattern are:
  • Lots of options that are useful for all seasons
  • The ease in the instructions. You always have a professional end product without the headache
  • Multiples sizes available from 12m-14
  • The unique neck and collar make it stand out from other patterns
Any issues?
The only issue I had is that I think this is more of a relaxed fit so it was bigger than I expected and I should have done a size smaller. This was no fault of the pattern. I just expected it to be a slimmer fit since it was a tee with girls in mind. 
I ended up making a new version as a dress with the fringe. I had a couple of mishaps with the kids being on summer break. Summer with 5 kids can be quite hellish at times, in case you were not aware. So the dress became sleeveless because the machine ate it (Remember the old machine needing loving.) and the kids spilled something on it that I could not get out so I used a sharpie to put hearts. I will go over it with fabric paint later. I also doubled up the amount of fringe to get a fuller look. 

Think she gets her pictures taken often? I am glad she was in her model mood after her mood this morning. 

I actually love how the sleeveless came out and the hearts added something special. I will definitely be making more of these as sleeveless, short sleeve and long sleeve. It will be Mimi’s all year round. 
During the blog tour, you will be able to get the Mimi for 20% off with this code: MIMITOUR20

Also, there is a rafflecopter below where you can enter for your chance to win 5 patterns from Filles a Maman. How awesome is that!!! So go enter now because you definitely want these patterns!
Thanks for visiting me and stay rebellious!!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ula P says:

    Very cute! I love both your versions 🙂


  2. Lovely! And what a sweet little girl you have 🙂


  3. Sewing Sober says:

    Ok so I'm seriously loving the fringes aspect of this dress. SUPER different! Great job doll!!


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