Up Movie Inspired Art Project

Here is a fun and easy art project to do with the kids. It is inspired from the Disney Pixar Movie Up. The house floating away with balloons attached is one of my favorite things, and most kids love it too, because who doesn’t love balloons. 

This lovely painting was created by Stephanie Cassata as a gift to her brother in law
So for this little art project, which is simple enough to do with your toddler, you may have everything on hand: 
construction paper, cardboard or posterboard
magazines, scratch paper, anything you can cut up
pom poms
pens, markers, crayons
Ruler, if needed
To begin, get your paper you will use as your base. If you want it on the road/sidewalk, draw a straight line. I use a ruler because I suck at straight lines.
Get your paper you will be using to build your house. I cut out a square for the house, a rectangle for the foundation, and 2 triangles for the roof. Then added a few squares for windows and a rectangle for a door. If you have a preschooler, this would be a great time to allow them to build their own house from their imagination or draw it for them to cut out. If you do this as a school project, then traced shapes or precut out tend to make the project tear free. 
Glue the house on the paper as you like it to look. This is the fun part with the little ones because they can come up with some very unique stuff. Once all the pieces are glued, you can add details like doorknobs, stairs, railing, window sills, etc. Draw some lines from the house to the sky for balloon strings. 
Now have fun gluing the pom poms above the house. When it is all dry, you get to enjoy your own version of the Up house. It is a great project to do with the movie or reading the book. 
I hope you enjoyed this brief art project!
Stay Rebellious and do it your way!
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3 Comments Add yours

  1. how fun is this??? My kids would love it! Thanks for the share 🙂


  2. Annie says:

    What a fun and cute project! I love how you created the house from magazine pictures. I must do this with my kid!


  3. That is so cute! My kids would love to make some! Thanks for such a fun idea!


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