Cherry Pie Skirt Blog Tour

I am so excited to show you the Cherry Pie Skirt from PiePie Designs. You may know the name from her blog, and from the Tuesday Linky parties she hosts. I was privileged enough to test it which just so happened to be when my sewing machine broke, so I made it by hand, and even that was really not that time consuming. Roughly, twice the amount of time. So this is less than an hour to make including taping pattern, pinning, cutting, etc. It is so easy and gives that hi-low look that so many of us love right now.

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This is a great staple pattern. A simple skirt with a hint of trendy to give it a little something different. The sizes go from 12m to 12 years. That is a huge size spread built to last you a long time. There are 9 different options shown in the tutorial, and it is also very easy as a building block to hack into your vision. I made 3 more skirts so that each of my daughters had one that fit their personality.

Lined/reversible option, lined back and bias tap hacked to be a petal style

My youngest one, I used 2 fat quarters I have had in my stash for a while and made the lined back option so that the front and back are different. It is a fun way to mix prints or put a pop of something different in the back. I am also really pleased that the size 2 can be made out of 2 fat quarters.

Isn’t it such a fun option having 2 separate sides? It fits her gemini personality perfectly. 

I love the contrast of 2 prints mixed. 

Who can resist a toddler belly?

This was definitely the easiest version to whip out. I ironed the hem to do a normal hem and it went so smooth, which is hard to do on those hi-low styles.

For my middle daughter, she chose an old fruit print voile that my mom had when I was in elementary school. Good ol’ 80s style! She loved it and I think it is so cute on her. I added some embroidery details and also lined it in the reversible style since it was a voile.

Simple and perfect for summer

The details were minimal to not take away from the design. Gotta love those retro designs we used to rock!

The reversible/lined version took me a little longer simply because I added those embroidery details. Even with the details, it only took me about 90 minutes to complete. She was smitten with the skirt, so mama was happy. 

For my oldest, I also used 2 fat quarters. She wears a size 6 (but is 8 and teeny tiny) and it took a bit of maneuvering to squeeze the fabric out. Since the back is slightly longer, I was off by about 1 1/2 inches, but that was leftover on the side so I was able to sew that on the top of the back and then I added rick rack to where the seam was. 
I hacked this one to be a petal or wrap style hi-low because I am a bit obsessed with petal everything right now. Someone, help! I may need an intervention! 
For the petal, I added about 2 inches to where the fold hits, cut down the fold so that it is 2 pieces instead, then scalloped the pieces to get the “petal.” I seamed the skirt with red bias tape, which I think gave it just the right pop of color it needed. This was another under 90 minutes skirt. So simple and easy! 

So now you see the pattern is your oyster and you can go so many different ways with it. Be sure to check the other blogs on the tour because there have been so many different inspiring versions.

Want a copy of the pattern for yourself? You can purchase the pattern on Etsy or Craftsy for a special release price of $5 (6/17/14-6/27/14).  On 6/28/14 the price will increase to $7.

And if you are feeling lucky, then enter the Rafflecopter sponsored by PiePie designs right here.
If you win, and have purchased the pattern, you will be reimbursed. So go enter!! 

Which version do you want to make?
Good luck and as usual, stay rebellious! 

4 Comments Add yours

  1. amy mayen says:

    Adorable! I love the prints you chose- looms lime a fast sew that will be worn a lot:)


  2. starly says:

    Cute! Love your skirts, especially dig the petal modification with the bias tape!


  3. Sara says:

    I have made one myself that looks like your third one! I would say great minds think alike! 😉 And I have to say I am SO impressed that you made all 3 skirts by hand!… You are corageous! (Or maybe just really addicted to sewing, ahaha! 🙂 )


  4. I just love your fabric choices and how you changed up the pattern to make it your own. Thanks for being a part of the tour!


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