Bundle UP Tour

Yay!!! Have you bought from Bundle Up Yet? This Bundle is really exciting because it is woman’s clothing!

I received the patterns free to review, but the opinions are all my own.

I had 3 patterns to make, but one had a major mishap so I shall be back tomorrow with the redo. Seriously, bad. And it wasn’t even the construction of the pattern. Those pesky children of mine decided it was a grand idea to leave scissors lying around for the 3 year old, who wants to be just like Mommy. Flattering right, except when she massacres my beautiful dress. Which was the Ellie Inspired Spring Lily. Boo hoo! 

So I made the Jocole Skinny Pants, which I loved! And I made the ModKid Hailey Top. 
The Jocole Pants include directions on how to accommodate to whatever modifications you need to make. For me, it is big booty aka hippy and small waist. It was a LOT of work via tailoring, but the end fit was worth it. I started with a size 18 based on my hips. Yeah, no, maybe a 16 is a good place to start. I had to shave off 16 inches in the waist so that took a bit of effort. Once I got my size perfect throughout the waist, hips, crotch and legs, it looked lovely. Since I am blessed in the butt region, I also raised the rise of the pants to make sure I don’t have any plumber issues. Remember kids, Crack kills! I forgot to take a picture of the pants not on me, but you can definitely see the major difference between the hips and waist. It looked like it was made for a hip hop video queen. I also made the tall version because my legs are rather long for my height. I loved that it is so easy to modify for all body types. 
I used a gray stretch twill I found at Hobby Lobby, and it is very forgiving. I will need more stretch twill in many colors. I made my back pockets with this pleather type material I had on hand. I also measured where my butt cheeks were to make sure the pockets were not too high or low, which is bad butt death in pants. 
I will be trying it in woven next time. I really want to do them in a print. This is going to be my staple of the year because I can make pants, cigarette pants, capris or bermudas. 
All pants require the “butt shot”

And now you see how much more ridiculous my butt is.
Take that J Lo & Kardashians!
The other item I made was the ModKid Hailey. I absolutely love this one! It can be a tunic or dress. It is a very easy pattern and comfortable. It is breezy and it will be perfect for summer. 
I found this poly silk type fabric in orange with blue and grey floral and was drawn to it immediately. It was my bargain find at $2 a yd. It didn’t melt when ironed so that was a win. I changed the pattern in a few ways. I used a size M for the bodice and L for the skirt portion. I probably could have gone small in the bodice because I am not busty at all. I also changed the skirt portion to be petal style. I told you! I am obsessed with that this season. If everything I sew has that detail, I am doomed. I could not find my elastic thread, so I just did one line of elastic sewn on to the top. It came out good and will be easy to cover with a belt. 
I found no issues with this pattern. The directions were clear and easy, and this has a great look with very little work. The top took me just about an hour to pin, cut and sew. I love patterns like that!!

I am so glad I got to be a part of this tour. I had some mishaps, and got my post in late in the day. But it gave me the opportunity to sew for myself and make it something that I will wear over and over. This bundle is full of staple items, so if you are trying to build wardrobe pieces, then this is definitely the perfect time for you. 
And I will be back tomorrow with a new dress since I cannot salvage mine yet. So be sure to come back tomorrow to see what I did with the Spring Lily. 

My Oops, I am Marilyn Monroe Moment when a gust of wind came along.
I may not be Marilyn, but I can pretend.
Click the picture below to go to the Bundle UP Sale!
June 20
June 21 
June 22
June 23
June 24
June 25
June 26
June 27
Sew McCool, Pienkel, Gloria JuneSew Maris

Thanks for stopping by, and as usual, Stay Rebellious!


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Love your outfit! This post was awesome!


  2. crys0904 says:

    That Hailey is FANTASTIC!!

    I'm so sorry about the dress. I would have cried. Sat on the floor in the middle of the room and cried.


  3. Robin says:

    You look great in your new outfit! Looking forward to your dress too!


  4. T says:

    Love the top … I have bought the pattern as a result!


  5. Love this whole outfit – you look amazing,and the mods tot eh Hailey are awesome. Thanks for being in the tour!!!


  6. kimberly says:

    I think this is the best Hailey I've seen! I passed it up because I didn't like it, but this is making me rethink it! great job on both


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