Why I Sew

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Here recently, the online community of sewing bloggers had a group call them out because their sewing was not couture, perfect, worthy of money, etc. It felt like Mean Girls take to the blogging community. While it stung to read some of the things being said and criticized, the most amazing thing happened. Our community, that thrives on support, came together to support one another, support the veteran sewist, the newcomers, and all those in between. They also invited the community to revisit why they sew. We sometimes forget that we all have to start somewhere, and it is not always pretty. In fact, sometimes, it is downright awful, ugly, and nowhere near useable. But the most important thing is that YOU DID IT! You did it! Who give a F what anyone thinks, as long as you are proud of making something and rock that!

I started sewing when I was a young girl because my mom sewed for me. I was always creative and artistic. I needed to get that creativity out, so my mom started teaching me how to sew by hand and I went crazy making Barbie clothes. I wanted to use a sewing machine, so my mom tried her best to show me, but I didn’t have the patience. Even worse, I had a lead foot on that pedal. I tried and tried again until I was about 15, with no success on the sewing machine. However, I could sew by hand like it was nothing. I started doing embroidery and really kind of punk rock hacked my clothes with scissors, patches, safety pins, old clothes, etc. I was the queen of upcycling then and didn’t even know it.
So it is funny that this happened, because a few weeks back, I actually made a post about what I first sewed here. You can catch a glimpse of the things I made in my first year sewing. It is definitely interesting and not as bad as I expected, but definitely not perfect. However, I am still proud of what I created with a huge window of not creating anything.
So for me, I sew because it lets me create. I sew because I love fashion. I sew because it feels like I am being frugal. I sew to be unique and one of a kind. I sew to reduce stress. To create art. And now, I sew to be part of this amazing community of pattern designers, fabric designers, bloggers, boutique owners, photographers and just flat out amazing women who all have a bond of making unique, beautiful items in the world. This community would not be what it is without the support of the other people in it.
Click the photo for more of my “firsts”
So with that, you should know to expect it from me, Stay REBELLIOUS! Do your own thing. Create things that you want because you want to and be proud of the perfect items, but also, be proud of the imperfections. Because you made it. And you should own that shit! (Pardon me ladies, but sometimes my real voice comes out in passion) And don’t forget to introduce yourself to all of us. Most of us are house trained and try not to bite. Hey, if we do bite, bite back!

Share your story of why you sew in the link party here



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