Elisa Halter by Filles a Maman

I know my blog has been really quiet, and I am so sorry. 
I have been busy with pattern testing, and getting ready for back to school (less than a month away) and yucky adult issues like money and responsibility. Blah, one of these days that stuff will go away or be less of a burden. 
However, I am so excited to show you the latest pattern from Filles a Maman, the Elisa Halter Top. I have loved every single design that Melanie has put out. She has an amazing eye for fashion and her patterns exemplify that cut above the rest. This pattern is no exception as it is just what you can find in stores right now for those trendy kids and tweens. I love this design so much that I hope she expands it into women’s sizes. You know your teens would LOVE it! I also think it is perfect to lengthen to a dress or use for a swimsuit. 

My first version was made in this really cool knit with a lace overlay. The fabric, I found for $2 a yard and used maybe a 1/4 of it. The lace was from some camis I found at a dollar store and had been holding onto for future projects. Thriftiness is one of my favorite things to accomplish. The design, and the flow of the flounce in knit is perfect! I just love it!! The first one took me a little longer because I tend to misread directions at times, so the sewing took about 90ish minutes to sew. But it was so worth it. I think it is my new favorite shirt for my little Cambria. She is always a bit edgy, even for a 3 yr old. 
Everything just came out perfect! The lace, the geometric print. The bright fuschia! 
It has become the perfect top for summer! The older girls are already requesting some so I am going to be whipping some up this week, while I see how I can hack them to make them more school appropriate too 🙂 We wear tanks clear through October here. 
The next version I made was woven. the woven pattern pieces flare out more for a flowy look with a bit more ease. It is great for those toddler tummies. I have had this peacock feather remnant for a few years and I am so excited I used it to make this. It was another perfect trendy print to complete the look. Since I already knew how to put it together, this really took 30 minutes to sew. It was sooooo fast! I am in love!
This is going to be a great staple for summer. And the best thing, the sizes go all the way up to 14. So for your itty bitty toddler from 12m to a size 14, you have many years and ages covered. The great thing is that it is a pattern that works for those trendy tweens and preteens. It is not babyish (which Melanie’s designs never are) and it definitely has that hip factor that you can find in every single one of the designs available at Filles a Maman
The pattern is on sale for a limited time for only $6. and if you buy 2 or more patterns, she always has codes available for a discount (up to 25% off) which would be the perfect time to buy the Mimi dress/shirt, Marc shirt, Rose Skirt or Agathe and Theo pants. Just some suggestions 😉 
Don’t forget to share your creations. And tell me who you would make this top for.
Stay Rebellious.
PiePie Designs

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  1. sewVery says:

    I was just thinking the other day about trying something similar to the front of this top on the Sunny pattern! Now if I can just find the time…


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