Fancy Free Dress: An Elisa Mod

I told you I was obsessed with the new Elisa Halter from Filles a Maman. It is so simple and easy. When I bought this horse fabric for my horse obsessed 3 year old, I immediately envisioned it with a bright pink flounce to give it a small hint of girl and some fun spring and bounce, just like my little jumping bean. 
So the Elisa was perfect to modify into a dress, and so easy. I mean, ridiculous easy!

I am going to give you a few brief instructions on how you can modify your top into a dress. 
Step 1: Measure collar bone to length desired. 
Step 2: I lay the pattern on the measuring tape to determine how much length to add. 
(For a size 2 with 3 length to go just past the knee, it was 8 inches and that also allowed for the seam hem allowance.)
 Step 3: If you measured to where you want it to hit, add at least an inch to allow for the hem allowance. 
The top is an A-line shape, so you will want to shape the skirt to keep with the A-line. 
These will be the only changes you make to change the design to a dress. Finish the same as the pattern directions. 
I also added longer straps and a buttonhole in the middle of the back to allow the back to tie if I don’t want a halter style. You can also attach straps to the back if you like. I plan on figuring out how to mod this for school tank tops soon.
I added elastic to the waist instead of having it a-line but that was a look I was going for. 

I love how simple this is to make and you can get so many looks from it. 

I wanted to ensure comfort and movement, as well as being fashionable. I think this pictures speaks for itself. 
It is fancy free, and comfy enough for her tomboy ways.
Don’t forget to share what you have made with this pattern and to be first to hear about sales and new patterns in the Filles a Maman facebook group
AND in honor of Kids Clothing Week starting Monday, they are having a flash sale today ONLY!!! 
Click the picture to go to the Etsy shop!
I can’t wait to see all the creations for KCW nest week, which is perfect timing for my kids to go back to school in just over 2 weeks!
Stay Rebellious and do it your way!
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  1. Jonie Brooks says:

    CUTE!!! I love this!


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