Stitch Swap

I got to be a prt of the Stitch Swap where a mystery person sends you 1 yard of fabric, and you have to create something. 
The picture of the fabric didn’t do it justice, but it was a thin t shirt knit in white stripes. I immediately was stumped ha. Yes, I thought maxi skirt? Nope, too thin. No lining fabric. A cardigan or loose vest? Nope again. Nothing was really speaking to me. Then at the very last minute, Yesterday to be exact… I had the perfect idea. A dolman style shirt meant more as a beach cover up… just in time for the US Open of Surfing tomorrow, which we will be attending a day or two. It is a California rite of passage, at least to me. 

So I was too impatient for a pattern or measurements or even drafting. This sounds B-A-D!!! I folded the fabric in half and then in half again making sure that the length was enough for me. Then I just guesstimated where I wanted the sleeves to be and cut the dolman shape. It took 3 tailorings before I got the look I was going for. And I want the neck to be wide enough so it could sit on the edges of my shoulder or go off one.

This took me about an hour to complete, with all my wonky “drafting.” And now I have something new to wear to the beach this weekend. Win win! This was fun to be a part of and it definitely made me think outside the box. 
Don’t forget to check what the others have come up with! 

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A bikini? In front of other people? Uh no thanks!

Thanks for stopping by
Stay rebellious. 


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Emily Wall says:

    that was a good use of that fabric! hope you're having fun at the US Open of Surfing in your new coverup!


  2. amy mayen says:

    What a cute top! I think it will layer well for fall too:)


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