KCW: A Surprise Skirt

I have been so busy that this is the only thing I have really been able to commit to for KCW aka Kids Clothing Week. I had huge ambitions, especially with the theme of Kids art. However, it is summer, I have 5 kids and I have been testing patterns like crazy.
So for this, I decided I wanted to make a circle skirt because my girl loves to twirl and they are easy! I wanted a twist though, which is why it is a surprise skirt. I decided to cut it down the middle and add some shorts. I used the Baste & Gather free pattern: Summer Shorties. You will LOVE this pattern if you haven’t used it yet. Free perfect fitting pattern for sizes 12m-8. then I used a circle skirt calculator to figure out the circle. 

I made the shorties out of a leopard print ruffle knit and used this windbreaker type fabric for the skirt portion. It is super cute with hearts all over it. Since I used a full circle, it didn’t have the peekaboo front I had first envisioned, but it still gave effect I was going for. Next time I will use a half circle probably to get the twirly style while not using as much fabric and coverage. You can see the shorts when she moves or when she plays on equipment at school and the park. So I think it was a win because she LOVED it!

I wish I could have sewn more this week with the intention I originally planned, but I still managed to sew some new items for the rugrats.

Thanks for visiting.

Stay Rebellious.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. so smart for back to school! She looks like she loves them!


  2. kristi says:

    Such a great idea to add a skirt to the summer shorties! I love the mix of prints.


  3. This skirt seems perfect for back to school. The pattern is so cute!


  4. sewVery says:

    What a neat idea! I've never thought to make a circle skirt with the built in shorts! Love the blouse she's wearing, too. I'm a sucker for gingham!


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