Flower Child: Uptown Downtown Dress Tour

I have been so excited for this blog tour. I saw the black version of the Uptown Downtown Dress from Sew Straight & Gather and knew I wanted one just like that. For me lol. But it was so chic and “uptown.” I had way too many ideas going through my mind. I am in love with the half sleeve option because it is so classy and timeless. But back to school came fast with a fury. And my thoughts became jumbled with trying to get 4 kids ready for school as well as grasping one going into junior high and another starting Kindergarten. This mama is on complete overload emotionally, physically, etc.

But I got a chance to get my mind off to sew this up. I finally went with sleeveless after realizing summer is not going anywhere. I mean, I live in a desert. Duh! I didn’t have anything suitable to line this so I made binding. The lining is much sleeker, especially with this flimsy fabric. I regret not finding a shirt to chop to line, but I know I will definitely line the next dozen I make.

The dress went together very easily. I am going to have to go with the chest size next time and add length because my 4 (almost 5) year old has a chest and waist the size of an 18 month old. I really like the illustrated tutorial and the pattern pieces had a really cool and unique way of marking sizes. It makes it very easy to read, and I think the combo of the pattern piece design, as well as the tutorial makes for a soon to be very popular pattern designer. I am a sucker for little details what are in her patterns.

I have had this border print in my stash for a while waiting for that something special. Boy, am I glad I waited. I LOVE how it turned out on this dress. And the flower feel fits my hippy free spirit child. 
We love this dress and pattern. I can’t wait to make some more of these.
Now don’t forget to check out the remaining on the tour and all the others before. They are doing some amazing designs. 
There is an amazing giveaway going on that you can enter via rafflecopter through August 11th.
Or if you are smitten and want the pattern now, she has provided a code to get 30% off the Uptown/Downtown Dress Pattern ~ Enter: UPTOWNDOWTOWNTOUR at checkout HERE

Which option do you like the best? I’d love to hear what your vision is of this pattern. 

Stay Rebellious 

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  1. amy mayen says:

    I love your dress! Neat how you matched up the print in the neck binding too. I love seeing this dress in different prints and textiles. For such a classic design, they all look so different!


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