Mystery Challenge-Disco

I got to be part of a fun challenge called August Mystery Challenge where you are given a blogger, and you pick a theme for them to craft something. I got Tasha from Friends Stitched Together and she gave me the theme of  DISCO!! 

Make sure to check out what the others have done for their challenge, and what is coming up. Hint hint: I picked a theme for a future one coming later this week.

Mystery Challenge
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Sewing Sober – Espionage – 8/25
Sugaridoo – Musical Instruments – 8/26
Lulu and Celeste – Morpho Butterfly/Rainforest – 8/27
Paisley Roots – Classic Summer Movies – 8/28
Create 3.5 – Morocco – 8/29
Mae&K – Solar System – 8/30
The Sewing Sparrow – Safari – 8/31

After pondering disco for a few weeks, thanks to having sisters and a brother born in the late 60s, I finally got inspiration. ELSA! Yes, Elsa from Frozen. Now if you did not see disco and Elsa before, you will see it now. The glitter, the fitted dress, the overpowering confidence. Elsa just embodied all of that. I didn’t want to make the typical Elsa silhouette, but more the colors. I went with a turquoise lame when I could not find the sequined fabric I wanted in the store. I drafted a slight hi-low circle skirt and then drafted a wrap style bodice to make a disco dress. I fully lined it since tissue lame is thin, frays very easily and itchy. I found the perfect sequined headband in a dollar bin and attached ties to make it a belt. Disco queen, here we come. We had fun with it and did some fun makeup and hair. This girl likes to go all out! And we finished it off with a disco ball wristlet. 

The inspiration:
I have to say my vision came together pretty easily. I only created 1 muslin of the bodice, and it came together just how I wanted. the armholes are a bit tight, but I will be going back and fixing that. It is a win for the diva princess. So much so that she wants to wear it to school. Oh so practical!!
This was really fun to get creative and create just for fun. It also gave me an opportunity to create something still wearable, yet fun. It probably helped sell the idea throwing in the Frozen concept. Thank for reading and make sure to check out all the other amazing ladies. 

Stay rebellious!


7 Comments Add yours

  1. JessiBerry says:

    Turned out cute! Love the shimmer!


  2. Amy says:

    Aww – adorable! I love how fun this is!! Thanks for playing along with us 🙂


  3. amy mayen says:

    You're totally going to let her wear it to school, right? It's awesome!!


  4. Alicia Brown says:

    This is great!! I love how you tied the disco theme to Frozen!! I agree with Amy, totally a school outfit 🙂


  5. That is such a fun dress! My girls will be begging me for ones!


  6. Amy n Tasha says:

    Love love love!!! Even better that she loves it!!


  7. Thanks everyone! It was a fun dress to make and I am glad I had a chance to do this challenge.


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