Upcycle Project: Fringe Cardigan

I have had a few big bags of women’s clothes just waiting to be used for future projects. Fall is coming up fast, hopefully really fast because I am so over the 1000 degree weather. With that being said, I have been inspired by fall fashion (Yay!!!!) One of the things I am seeing a lot of, more on accessories, is fringe. Fringe is definitely more then just a bohemian vibe for me. I think it can be classy depending on how you style it which is where the idea of a fringed cardigan came from. Pick a classic color: Cue Black. Leave the silhouette simple, and keep the fringe tame and neutral. Voila! You have a timeless and edgy piece to wear throughout fall, winter and even cooler days/nights.

Find this Cardigan in the blog hop at Andrea’s Notebook, as well as 8 other inspiring refashions. 

I started with a 2x woman’s long sleeve shirt. This gave me the sleeves and body, plus the extra stuff I needed for the fringe. I left it open, and just added 2 small buttons to the top. I liked the open look as that can show off color or a funky shirt underneath. I left it a little long so it can be worn a little while longer. I have to say, I really love the finished product. A black fringed cardigan amps up the fall staple with a little oomph! And it can be dressed up or down, depending on what you wear. Keep an eye out because I will be posting a tutorial for it! Yay!!

Need some more upcycling inspiration? Be sure to come back tomorrow for a special blog hop from Andrea’s Notebook (also known as Go To Patterns) of some amazing upcycled project!! And there just may be an update to this post 😉

Stay rebellious and always remember to be YOU!

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