Golden Pineapple Lovey

Hey there everyone! Today is a pretty exciting day, as I am doing a guest post at Mabey She Made it
Since my youngest is 3, potty trained and weaned from breast feeding, I needed to make something baby related to fulfill the urge to make for baby. A couple of my favorite trends right now are Pineapples and Gold!!! And because I have had an urge to create baby items, I combined that for a tutorial to make a Golden Pineapple Lovey

You can see the rest of my post and the tutorial HERE


2 Comments Add yours

  1. crys0904 says:

    I've never snuggled a pineapple, but heck…WHY NOT?!?!?! So fun!


  2. Mae says:

    Lol crys you make me giggle- but I totally agree, why NOT?! It's cool to make something that'd be impossible to find in a store. Plus it's super cute with the stuffed top!


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