Secret Garden Tour: in Fuchsia

I am here for the Secret Garden Tour from E+M patterns and Sprouting Jube Jube just in time for my birthday! I should be “selfish sewing” but first I need to do some selfish shopping 😉

 I tested this dress, and absolutely love it! It is a girly dress without being frilly. You can see my dress I made for testing here. This time around, I made the simple version, embellished it with some sequins and a flower, and added half sleeves for my wee almost 5 year old (1 week from today!!!) I used a quilter cotton in a black and fuchsia print. It is perfect for a girly girl without being in your face.

The unique element about this pattern is the flounce in the back that is reminiscent of a bow or butterfly wings. It is very ethereal and feminine in a very streamlined way. The pattern is easy to understand. This pattern does involve pointy ends, curves, zippers and hand sewing so I consider an intermediate pattern. It also requires quite a of fabric with the flounce, but it is so worth the end result.If you have a skinny mini, like me, definitely pay attention to the chest measurement. I did a size 3 with size 5 length, but I should have done a size 2 width for her. However, the fit is beautiful on this dress when measured right.

My little one loved the dress and is excited to show this off to everyone. If you are looking for a pattern with a unique one of a kind element, than this is definitely the one for you.

September 22
September 23
September 24
September 25
September 26
September 27

There is a  code for 25% off the pattern with  “SGTOUR25” You can use the code in  E+M Patterns or  EtsyThe price has been reduced in Craftsy
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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Darling. I love it with the half sleeve. What a little sweetheart!


  2. stacey says:

    beautiful dress! I LOVE the color of the fabric! AND you added half sleeves – great idea.


  3. Sara says:

    Melissa!! I love it with the 3/4 sleeve! That was genious!!


  4. Ula P says:

    I ♥ the sleeves! I'll have to try it out.


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