Handmade Birthday: Waverly Edition

Birthdays get a bit chaotic in this house. With 7 people, it feels like it is always a holiday or birthday around here. I am also the mean mommy who only does parties for the BIG birthdays. This year we had 2 of those milestones: a 10 year old and now a 5 year old. So we do all the normal birthday shenanigans, as well as a big party which we are having next weekend in a big over the top CIRCUS theme! Perfect for my little Libra diva baby!
Today marks 5 years of being mommy to Waverly. Waverly has something a bit special about her: She is my rainbow baby. Those of you who know anything about that know that means she was my rainbow after the tears of losing a baby. And that comes with the “rainbow” there has always been something very special about her. She is always happy. She is a people pleaser. She just has a presence. It sounds like I love her more than my other kids, but it isn’t that, just that I know she has something special and unique to offer the world. 

So here we go with the photo memory lane (scroll if you don’t care for yearly photos): 
Days old: 
Can you see why it is my favorite baby picture?
1 year birthday 
Oktoberfest at Big Bear Lake is a suitable 1st birthday, right?
2nd Birthday
2nd birthday looking like a little country girl

3rd Birthday
3rd birthday was her Tangled tea party: the 3 yr old obsession 
4th Birthday
4 year old Gatsby Girl
5 years old today!!!
I have a couple of handmade gifts that I cannot show you yet since they are pattern tests, but for today Waverly got an Elsa inspired rag doll, some hair ties and her red denim outfit I made yesterday. She is loving it all! Don’t worry, she also has a purse and 2 more dresses!

I will say that staying up until 3 am was worth it!

My poor bubble baby is sick and has been all week, but she is almost better, happy as usual, and super grateful for her gifts (at least I hope so!)
Thanks for being a part of our celebration of her life. 
Enjoy your fall weekend. I am going to enjoy my time with my Goldie!
Stay rebellious out there!


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