Rose Etage Dress

Do you like layers, ruffles and asymmetrical lines? Is your daughter a fashionista with a supreme sense of style? This is the pattern for you. I tested another pattern (which was labored to perfection!) which is from Sew Straight Pattern Company. The pattern is called Etage (french for tier) It features asymmetrical flounces (3-4) depending if you want to make the dress or shirt. It can be sleeveless, short sleeve or half sleeve. It is a great pattern for tweens, and modest as it covers the back and arms if that is something you are concerned about. 

This is not a fast sew. Let’s be honest. You need to be extra careful cutting the right way and keeping the pieces assembled in the right order, otherwise the flow doesn’t work. Make sure you do this one when you don’t have distractions, and you have time! However, don’t get that confused with difficult. It is not hard. You just need to pay close attention to the assembly. With that being said, isn;t high fashion worth the extra effort? I know my 8 year old loves it, and my 5 and 3 year olds will love it just as much!

And here is version 1 while the pattern was still getting perfected!
 I still love how it turned out!
Pattern Features
Sizes 12m-12y
Layered to print only size needed
No closures
Designed for knits
Sleeveless and 2 sleeve options
Top or dress
Perfect for color blocking or mixing prints
You can purchase the pattern from Etsy or the website for 20% until October 10th so purchase it now while you can get it for that price! And be sure to follow on Facebook to stay updated for new patterns and testing opportunities. 
Stay rebellious!

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