Metal Moto

We live in the “lovely” desert in Southern California. We have tons and tons of dirt to spare, so growing up here means that if you are not involved in moto and/or BMX, you know quite a bit about it. Heard of Metal Mulisha? Yeah, you cannot be a resident here without hearing about all the shenanigans that they have done here. Sooo, of course, since we live here in the dirt, my sons are really into motocross. Riley’s favorite is Chad Reed #22. He is really really into it! So when I showed him the newest pattern from Love Notions, he was ecstatic! It was released today and is called the Moto Maxx Set. It definitely has the look of what you would see in traditional race gear. It is geared towards boys, but definitely works as unisex whether you have a tomboy girl, or just edgy.

I used one of my treasured Slipknot shirts for the base of the shirt, another black t shirt for the sleeves and knees, and saved the ribbing from the neck. For the pants, I went with a burgandy sweatshirt fleece, and also lined the knees with fleece so them feel like warm, comfy pants. Rockin’ on the outside and like lounge pants on the inside. What kid doesn’t like that?

Here are some of the unique features

I love how the band t-shirt works with the cool details, and I LOVE the color of the burgundy without overwhelming the boy who is getting “too old” for crazy prints and colors (his opinion, not mine!) the slim fit, details, colors all made it work perfect for his personality. This pattern could work for an outfit, cool pajamas, and for girls. You have to check out the tester album HERE to see how it worked for girls and boys, big and small.

The best part of this project for me? He declared this his favorite handmade outfit EVER!!! 5 points for Mom!

::TODAY ONLY:: October 20, 2014 You can get the new release for the price 36% off in honor of the designer, Tami’s 36th birthday. It is already discounted on Craftsy or use code ‘birthday36’ for 36% off on Etsy. After today, the discount will be 15% off until Saturday, October 25, 2014. Craftsy will be discounted and use the code  ‘motomaxx’ for 15% off on Etsy through Saturday. 

Also be sure to follow Love Notions on Facebook or the blog to stay up to date on upcoming releases, tester calls and sales!

Thanks for stopping by, and checking out my first item for Kid’s Clothing Week. I hope to see you come back to see what I am cooking up for KCW, Halloween and more 😉

Stay Rebellious!

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