Geek Spectacular: Maleficent

It is time for 2 big things: Halloween and Sew Geeky: Geek Spectacular. My kids had big ideas! My oldest daughter, has a big obsession with Maleficent, which also happens to be my favorite Disney Princess Villain. Sleeping Beauty was my favorite fairy tale and Disney movie growing up. My geekdom definitely stems from Disney Villains and Tim Burton. If there is anything I love, it is the dark and mysterious animation. 
I knew I wanted to go with the current Maleficent inspiration, so I was channeling Angelina Jolie’s character. There were so many versions throughout the movie, but the one that inspired me the most was this one. 

I loved the slim sleeves, feathered collar and loose fit. I scavenged my hoard to see what I could use to make it. I ended up using liquid leather leggings for the sleeves, a too small blazer from my son for the body, add a stiff collar from black scrap suiting, glued feathers and covered with thick satin ribbon, and added length and a cape to make it full length. 
The dress was salvaged from last year’s costume: Vampire Hello Kitty. I used the Snazziedrawers Isla Eve pattern for the bodice and just added a full sheer skirt with knit lined skirt. 
The final item was the headpiece. Those horns were trickier. First, I planned on forming around devil horns, but couldn’t find any that were cheap enough. So I used the Disney horn template and modified it to be sewn, used a head template from threadbangers and attached to a black knit headband, then made a silver mesh turban to hold everything together. I made the horns and head piece out of black fleece, used pipe cleaners to mold, and then covered in black satin ribbon. 
Lastly (not pictured) I made a scepter out of a curtain rod, tennis ball, purple velvet fabric, black silver mesh and purple pipe cleaners with the aid of glue gun and rubber bands! Voila! She is ready for cosplay, Halloween or costume contests like the one she is entering tonight!

Too early for makeup, but this is her with the scepter and makeup, as well as some “completely professional photoshopping” ha
I hope you enjoyed this and stay tuned for more of my “geeky” rebelliousness!
Stay Rebellious!

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