Day of the Dead Blog Tour Day 3

We are now on Day 3 of the tour, and it really starting to look like a celebration! If you ever have a Dia de los Muertos event near you, it is worth stopping by. You get to see the beautiful altars, hear music and view the ways people dress up to honor their loved ones. The most common looks you will see are either traditional Aztec garments, or clothing that looks like it stepped out of a Victorian Gothic era. You cannot forget the beautiful face painting. In fact, speaking of painting, here is your fact:

“Colors hold a special meaning during the day. The most common is yellow, as seen in the marigolds, and it represents death. Red represents the human blood. Orange represents the sun. Purple represents grief. Pink represents celebration. White represents purity. Black represents the land of the Dead.

These colors combine to whatever the family is feeling, or wants to express. The first time I observed it, I did my face paint in pink and purple. It ended up being rather fitting as I had lost a baby the year prior and was having my daughter the same week that I had the miscarriage. I love seeing how the families express themselves, and what they choose to put out to represent their familia. 

Day 3 is another great day, as Crafty Lady Abby is posting. If you have not visited her blog before, you really need to. She has so much inspiration for this beautiful holiday like HERE and HERE! You will end up spending hours looking through her posts. She is truly inspirational! She has this stunning “papel picado” banner, a vibrant and intricate cutout paper, which you will find out more about when you go to her post by clicking the picture or HERE

The giveaway is going on until Sunday, so make sure you are stopping by everyday to get your extra entries, and to see what the rest of the tour will bring. 

October 26: Rebel & Malice – Felt With Love Designs
October 27: From a Box – Paisley Roots
October 28: Crafty Lady Abby
October 29: Sewing Sober – Two Novembers
October 30: Handmade Boy – Ginger House Designs
October 31: Call Ajaire
November 1: Lulu & Celeste
November 2: Rebel & Malice (Last day to enter giveaway!)

Giveaway sponsors: EYMM  –  E+M Patterns  –  Golden Rippy  – Ginger House Designs
I hope you are enjoying the posts, as well as learning a bit more about this holiday and tradition. 
Stay Rebellious!



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