Day of the Dead Blog Tour Day 6

Today is a special day: Halloween, which is also the eve that marks the opening of the gates of heaven, according to Dia de los Muertos traditions. Since we are in a very special day, I wanted to introduce you to a virtual wall that is as close as I can get online to what you would see in a real Dia de los Muertos observation. There are altars setup everywhere, but there are also tables with papers, stickers, etc, that you can write a note in memory of your lost loved ones. This virtual board provides you that same experience, all from the comfort of where you are located now. It is a beautiful thing to be around others who are all trying to honor and remember their loved ones. I hope you will join in and add to the wall. Don’t worry, you don’t have to enter any information. You can write something as simple as “In memory of Papa” or RIP Bob. You can include pictures, things that remind you, anything that brings comfort to you when remembering them. I included a little note for my Dad and my brother in law, who is my brother. Period!


As we recap what we have seen so far, yesterday brought us two beautiful posts from Handmade Boy, with her daughter’s costume, and Ginger House Designs marigold headband. All of our contributing bloggers have done an incredible job embodying this tour in their own unique way.First, before I get all absentminded and rambling, here is a fact about one of the things most people do recognize about this holiday: Calaveras, also known as Sugar skulls. Sugar skulls were made as far back as the 17th century, and were initially made because sugar was a common item available. They were shaped into skulls, to signify the departed soul, which usually includes the name of the deceased and are decorated in bright colors and happy things to show the joy and happiness when you think of those. These are also one of the staple items that is used as an offering. Today, on Halloween, Ajaire of Call Ajaire is joining us. She is a very talented blogger always seems to have something new and inspiring. She is also one 2 bloggers who put together this series: Sew-a-Bration of Womanhood. She recently lost her cat, so she designed a Kitty Sugar Skull. How rad is that? My daughters will be begging me to make one! Click HERE to see her post.Thanks for continuing to see what the tour has to offer, and be sure to continue to comment for your extra entries for the giveaway. October 26: Rebel & Malice – Felt With Love Designs
October 27: From a Box – Paisley Roots
October 28: Crafty Lady Abby
October 29: Sewing Sober – Two Novembers
October 30: Handmade Boy – Ginger House Designs
October 31: Call Ajaire
November 1: Lulu & Celeste
November 2: Rebel & Malice (Last day to enter giveaway!)

Giveaway sponsors: EYMM  –  E+M Patterns  –  Golden Rippy  – Ginger House Designsa Rafflecopter giveaway// you for listening to all my crazy ideas, and how I try to summarize facts. I have a future in random facts, no? Come back tomorrow for one last guest, and then I will try to sum everything up on Sunday!Stay Rebellious!!


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