Day of the Dead Blog Tour Day 7

It is Day 7. Also, the last day that will be featuring a guest. The most important thing is that Dia de los Muertos starts today with Dia de los Inocentes. I think any culture can understand why this day is so important. So many of us have experienced the loss of a pregnancy, baby or child, and it is devastating so it is very important day to grieve the dead because we never truly come to peace with losing a child.

The tradition to remember and grieve as you need helps the healing process the more you do it. It is never easy, but it helps you come to terms with death and it helps make you realize that death is never goodbye. Death just makes us realize that life is important and there is so much we can be doing to make life worthwhile. I know I am not a perfect mom, wife, friend, sister, but every time I lose someone or someone else loses someone, it reminds me that any of us could be the one gone or losing someone irreplaceable so life has to mean something. So if there are any young souls who left too soon in your life, maybe this will be another day that you can celebrate them.

So with that, let’s recap yesterday’s post, which was Call Ajaire with her Cat inspired sugar skull printable and project.

Once again, I invite you to join the virtual community altar.


Today our last (but not least) blogger is Ula of Lulu & Celeste with these beautiful flowers. I never get tired of the flowers. She is always making beautiful clothing. I love seeing her ginger babies in her new creations. What can I say, I have a soft spot for gingers 🙂

Hi! I’m Ula and I blog over at Lulu & Celeste. I mainly share the sewing projects and crafts I make for and with my two little girls and have a few tutorials in the works. I’ve always been fascinated by how colourful Dias de Los Muertos is, so I’m excited to be sharing a tutorial for these satin flowers. I’ve been them for a couple years now, and it was fun to integrate them into this celebration.

Click HERE for her post or click the photo:

Thanks for stopping by and seeing all the bloggers have created. Tomorrow I will round it up, close the giveaway and announce a winner Monday morning. You still have today and tomorrow to gain extra entries.

October 26: Rebel & Malice – Felt With Love Designs
October 27: From a Box – Paisley Roots
October 28: Crafty Lady Abby
October 29: Sewing Sober – Two Novembers
October 30: Handmade Boy – Ginger House Designs
October 31: Call Ajaire
November 1: Lulu & Celeste
November 2: Rebel & Malice (Last day to enter giveaway!)

Giveaway sponsors: EYMM  –  E+M Patterns  –  Golden Rippy  – Ginger House Designs

a Rafflecopter giveaway// you all tomorrow, because I know you want to see what I concoct 😉

Stay Rebellious!

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